McDonald’s Launch Summer Menu with New Biscoff McFlurry

Fans of fast food will be able to get their hands on six new and returning items at McDonald’s this week, in the firm’s summer menu shake-up of sweet and savoury goodies.

The additions will be hitting McDonald’s menus from June 21 and will be available across the nation, in all their restaurants.

The new items include a Caesar and bacon wrap which comes with crispy lettuce and bacon drizzled with a creamy dressing, plus mozzarella bites which will be served with a tangy tomato dip. The cheesy bites will cost £2.29 for one portion and £6.29 for a share box. They will be similar to mozzarella dippers but will now be served in bite-sized chunks.

For those with a sweet tooth, McDonald’s has launched a double chocolate pie which is made up of a chocolate crust and stuffed with gooey chocolate sauce. The double chocolate pie will cost £1.19.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a Biscoff McFlurry, made with the classic McFlurry ice cream, and topped with crumbled-up Biscoff biscuit pieces and Biscoff sauce. A small Biscoff McFlurry will cost you £1.49 while a large one will set you back £1.99.

According to a statement from McDonald’s, ice-cream lovers can enjoy: “A deeply caramelized tasting biscuit swirled onto the soft serve McFlurry ice cream giving it that extra crunch.”

Fans have been talking excitedly on social media about the latest limited edition McFlurry, with tweets such as “Omg, definitely trying this! I LOVE Biscoff!” and “This looks amazing.”

Thomas O’Neill, Head of Marketing, McDonald’s UK, and Ireland, said: “We’re so pleased to be launching the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry in the UK and Ireland. It’s been a long-time hope to some of our McDonald’s patrons and we’re glad we can make this into a reality.

“We take great pride in what we offer our customers and we really do listen to what they want; spending time researching and developing all the possibilities. It’s what we enjoy and it’s why I am personally proud of this new menu.”

In addition, McDonald’s fans will be pleased to know that two favourites are also making a return to the menu, with the popular double Big Mac burger and spicy sriracha wrap both making a welcome comeback.

However, the Caesar wrap, mozzarella bites and chocolate pie will only be available until September 5 – so shoppers will need to be quick.