Paper Wine Bottle Launches Into Ocado

An eco-conscious wine producer is launching a paper wine bottle with Ocado in May.

Anglo-Italian craft wine brand, When in Rome, already sells the paper bottles via its website, but has recently secured a partnership with Ocado for the innovative wine packaging.

The winemakers have partnered with Frugalpac – a British sustainable packaging company with a ‘global mission’ to decarbonise the food and drinks industry – to develop the paper bottle.

When in Rome is hoping that the introduction of paper wine bottles will help to reduce the impact of single-use glass bottles which make up 39% of the wine industry’s carbon emissions.

“Our paper bottles are made from 94% recycled paper and have a carbon footprint 84% lower than a single-use glass bottle,” Rob Malin, founder of When in Rome, said.

“The Frugal Bottle combines all of the eco advantages of our bag-in-box format with the obvious advantage that it has the same shape, capacity and price point of other premium brands still being sold in single-use glass bottles.”

“We believe great wine doesn’t have to come in glass bottles,” he added. “We’re here to prove that whether you’re drinking from a glass bottle or a paper bottle, the quality of the wine is not impacted.”

Ocado buying manager Rob Grimes added that the team were “very excited to be able to bring the When in Rome paper bottle into our range at Ocado.”

“It’s great to see the team consistently pushing the boundaries of wine packaging and leading the way in making the category more sustainable.”

Grimes added he had “no doubts our customers will love this addition to our range.”

The move comes after the eco-friendly artisan wine supplier hit its £400k crowdfunding target to fund the launch of its paper bottles in December 2021.

When in Rome will use the paper bottle for three of its wines: Pecorino IGP Terre di Chieti, Rosato and Primitivo IGP Puglia, which will retail at £10.99 for a 750ml bottle.

When in Rome isn’t the only beverage supplier to explore paper packaging. Last year, Absolut Vodka trialled a prototype paper vodka bottle (made up of 57% paper and 43% recycled plastic) in the UK and Sweden.