The Most Eggstravigant Easter Eggs

Easter is just a few weeks away, which means it’s time to start buying all those yummy easter eggs for you to devour over the Easter weekend. Whilst most people might be looking at the cadburys eggs for £10 and under, there’s a market for luxurious and expensive easter eggs. We have found the most expensive easter eggs available in the UK, ranging from £80 to £1,500. Take a look below to see some of the most extravagant Easter eggs.

Big Easter Egg- Classic Ostrich Egg, Hotel Chocolat, £80

Designed to be the same size as an Ostrich egg, the biggest egg of any bird. The shell is made up of 40% milk chocolate, crunchy cookies and puffed rice. The luxury egg also comes with a tray of 27 chocolates, giving you chocolate galore!

Imperial in Bloom Egg, Bettys, £250

This Limited edition Easter egg is beautifully decorated with a spring scene, appropriate for the season. It is handcrafted to order out of 5kg of white and milk chocolate and is even personally delivered, helping you get your moneys worth.

Maxi Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, Venchi, £240

This Easter egg is made of two layers of delicious dark chocolate and coated in dark chocolate pearls. This Easter egg just oozes luxury.

The Egg Hat, Pierre Marcolini, £135

This Easter egg gives you a little something extra, as well as a dark chocolate Easter egg topped by a white chocolate bunny hat you also recieve a draw of 30 mini eggs and a draw of 30 caramel animals.

Colossal Chocolate Easter Egg, Choccywoccydoodah, £449

This giant Easter egg is from the well known chocolate shop Choccywoccydoodah. For £449 you can have this specially made giant Easter egg made with Belgian chocolate, nestled in a hamper of smaller eggs.

The Handcrafted Chocolate Easter Egg, Thorntons, £100

This big Easter egg is handcrafted and you can add a special personalised message for that special person. Priced at £8.33 for 100g it really is a luxury Easter egg.

Giant Speckled Egg, James Chocolates, £94.99

This massive egg is made of a thick layer of milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate speckles and the words ‘Happy Easter’. Made to order this is an extravagantly large egg.

The Colossal Egg, Fortnum and Mason, £90

Eggs inside eggs inside eggs! This Easter egg resembles a Russian Matryoshka doll as it has five different flavours of eggs using 1.4kg of chocolate.

Wild Egg, Melt London, £85

Made of smooth dark chocolate that has gone through an extensive process to get the quality produced. The egg is carefully decorated with gold sheets and filled with luxury truffles, it is a luxury treat.

Oeuf Infiniment Grand, Pierre Hermé Paris, £1,500

This extraordinarily expensive easter egg is 85cm tall and made up of 22kg dark chocolate, with mini eggs inside! Although made by the French company Piere Hermé in Paris it can be delivered to the UK and makes quite the statement this Easter.