Thrifty Mum Feeds Kids for Under £15 a Week

A money-saving mum has revealed how she feeds her children for less than £15 a week at Tesco.

The savvy shopper posted her shopping list to a Facebook group called ‘Feeding Yourself for £1 a Day’, and wrote: “I have created a shopping list as well as meal ideas to help people out there ensure their child/children are getting 3 meals a day for £14.94.”

There are 23 items on the list which covers meals and snacks. The thrifty mum added: “It may be quite repetitive (especially breakfast). But any meal is better than no meal.”

Over 1,000 people ‘liked’ the post—and many commented that, with a few changes to the list,  there were even more ways to make savings.

One Facebook user wrote: “Only thing I would change is the sausages. Tesco do a frozen bag of 20 for £1 butchers choice ones. They’re lovely and you’d get 8 more for 20p less.”

Another commented “One item that I would add to this for a treat is the Ms Mollies soft scoop ice cream, it’s 99p a litre tub and it’s quite nice!”

Someone also commented on a swap to make the potatoes stretch even further: “I would change the 4 baking potatoes to a 2kg bag for £1.25 as this will create more meals such as jacket potatoes, potato gratin, mash potato, chips etc.”

Here is the meal plan that the mum shared online:

  • Breakfast : Porridge or toast
  • Lunch : Cheese sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, chicken or tomato soup, cheese on toast, egg and soldiers
  • Dinner : Pasta bake, beans on toast, jacket potatoes with tuna or cheese, sausages and mash, chicken curry, pasta bake
  • Snacks : An apple a day, a banana a day, bag of crisps, strawberry yoghurts and a square of chocolate for a treat

The full shopping list comes in at just £14.94

  • Whole chicken – £2.52
  • 6 eggs – 70p
  • 12 pork sausages – £1.20
  • Porridge oats – 75p
  • Cream crackers – 40p
  • 4 baking potatoes – 41p
  • Long grain rice – 45p
  • Curry sauce – 28p
  • Penne pasta – 29p
  • Tomato and herb pasta sauce – 28p
  • Root vegetable medley – £1
  • Can of baked beans – 23p
  • 6 bananas – 64p
  • 12 strawberry yoghurts – 73p
  • Apple and blackcurrant squash – 43p
  • 6 bags of crisps – 65p
  • Tin of tomato soup – 45p
  • Tin of chicken soup – 24p
  • Strawberry jam – 28p
  • Two tins of tuna – £1.20
  • Cheddar cheese – £1.60
  • Wholemeal bread – 36p
  • Milk chocolate bar – 30p