Top 7 Classic Wine And Cheese Pairings That You Must Try

Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven – and there is nothing that beats rounding off a satisfying meal with a glass of wine and a cheeseboard.

However, this doesn’t mean that all wines will perfectly pair with all types of cheese, so we’re exploring some of the best combinations of this classic duo to help you discover just how amazing the right combo of wine and cheese can be.

Prosecco and Brie

Soft cheeses such as brie are rich in fat – and demand a crisp and sharp wine to cut through the creaminess.

Prosecco fits the bill nicely as the fizziness and high acidity are complimented by the earthy, rich flavours of a thick, ripe brie. Camembert is another soft cheese that works incredibly well with sparkling wine.

Our perfect pairing: Produced in the wineries of the Valdobbiadene Hill, this brut Prosecco has a zesty finish that is delicious with soft cheeses. Serve with crackers and a wheel of French Brie de Meaux which has a rich milky flavour.

Pinot Noir and Comte

Comte cheese pairs well with light red wines, making it just the thing to enjoy with a glass of fruity Pinot Noir.

Comte is a medium cheese made with unpasteurised cow’s milk and has a nutty, yet sweet, flavour that compliments a bright red wine without overpowering it.

If you are planning a summer barbeque, try serving these moreish triple Comte cheeseburgers with a light Pinot Noir to wow your guests.

Our perfect pairing: Try De Martino Legado Pinot Noir, for a red wine that is bursting with cherry flavours and the aroma of violets and team it with a slowly-ripened Comte with hints of hazelnut and toffee.

Malbec and Edam

The indulgent combo of a nutty Edam and velvety Malbec is a pairing that everyone can enjoy.

This flavoursome cheese and wine are both robust – yet complement each other rather than overpower. Malbecs are usually medium or full-bodied red wines that have intense black fruit flavours, which work well with a vintage Edam.

Our perfect pairing: Asda’s Argentinian Extra Special Malbec is a budget-friendly red wine bursting with ripe berry flavours. Pair with this vintage Dutch Edam that has been aged for forty-five weeks for a full-bodied flavour.

Chablis and Goats Cheese

The high acidity of Chablis allows the creamy texture of goat’s cheese to be the star of the show. Enjoy a glass of tart, citrusy Chablis with a goat’s cheese salad for a light lunch on a summer’s day.

Sheep’s cheese also pairs exceptionally well with a zingy, chilled Chablis.

Our perfect pairing: The intensely refreshing Domaine L. Chatelain Chablis has overtones of crisp, green apple. Made using Chardonnay grapes grown in Burgundy, France, pair this wine with a soft, ripened Chavroux Goat’s Cheese crumbled over a simple mixed salad.

Rose and Feta

Fresh pink wines make an amazing accompaniment to young cheeses such as feta (mozzarella is also an excellent choice with rose wines).

The saltiness of feta works best with rose wines with a strong personality to cut through the tanginess and cleanse the palate. Marinated feta and chunks of crusty bread are the ideal wingman for rose wine for a simple, yet mouth-watering snack.

Our perfect pairing: Serve this blush-coloured Fairbank Sauvignon Blanc Rose chilled, with a bowl of olives and cubes of salty Greek feta as a tapas dish or nibbles to accompany your rose.

Port and Blue Stilton

We couldn’t make these recommendations without mentioning our favourite classic duo – port and stilton.

Port is a fortified, sweet wine with a bold character, and because of these traits, it needs a robust cheese that can match its full body.

Stilton’s creamy saltiness balances the sweetness of the port and enhances the richness. There is a simple way to get a port and stilton pairing right every time and that is to remember that the sweeter the port, the more pungent the stilton should be! Keep it simple by serving the port with stilton, crackers, and good company.

Our perfect pairing: Team velvety-smooth Waitrose Tawny Port which has hints of caramel, with Stinking Bishop stilton, probably the ripest and most pungent cheese in the UK.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cheddar

Mature cheddar cheeses are often aged, and over time the flavours become more intense. This makes cheddar a great match for a full-bodied wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon with high tannin levels and bold flavours.

The reason Cabernet Sauvignon and cheddar are such a great match is that the high-fat content in the cheddar balances the tannins of this dry wine – and is the ideal palate cleanser at the end of a good meal.

Our perfect pairing: Select a ripe smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, such as this M&S Classic, that boasts flavours of savoury red berries. Add it to your cheeseboard with this cave-aged Somerset cheddar for an indulgent treat.

How to plan the perfect cheeseboard

If you’re planning to serve cheese and wine at your next party, try to include at least three of the wine and cheese pairings mentioned above to give your guests plenty of choices and a chance to try something a little different.

Start by dressing your cheeseboard with a platter of crackers and your cheeses and fill in any gaps with fruits such as grapes, figs or raisins and a handful of salty nuts.

Add a bowl of olives and some charcuterie meat, plus a range of spicy chutneys to tantalise the taste buds.

The most important thing to remember is that you will never go far wrong if you have a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of cheese in the other!

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