What’s New at Yuu Kitchen? (London)

If you read my write up from my previous visit to Yuu Kitchen you’ll know I was totally smitten by the whole shebang. Alongside the strong sense of desire to return was a slight feeling of fear – what if it didn’t meet my expectations? What if I’d over egged it in my head? What if it wasn’t as good, or I was disappointed?
I needn’t have worried.

A warm welcome, a seat at the bar, and a tall glass of bubble tea – one for me, one for my friend James. As delicious flavours wafted from the grill and we (James) slurped away on our icy drinks, we got down to reading the menu as if our lives depended on it.

So, what’s new on the menu? Lots of delicious things. What would I recommend? All of it!

Of course I’d say that, I’m in love with their menu, but really, you can’t have it all (at least not in one go!) so here’s what I’d personally recommend you give a go…

Jerusalem Artichoke and Lotus Root Crisps

Okay. It’s important I spell this out… do NOT pass these by! They might not sound that exciting on paper, but once you get them in your mouth you’ll be thanking me.

The artichoke crisps were almost meaty in the middle with a great texture (I’ll say chewy, but I mean it in a positive way) with the crispy edges and salty-peppery coating. So unexpected. So amazing. The Lotus Root crisps were super crunchy and beautiful to look at (and so fashionable at the moment!) All this with roasted garlic aioli. I could have kept dipping all day.

Grilled Cauliflower

Cauliflower is becoming so much more exciting, and this is one of the best (probably the best) cauliflower dishes I’ve ever had. Florets of cauliflower with sweetcorn, jalapeño dressing, shallots, garlic chips and chives. Tangy, delicious, light, with a great texture, and very, very moreish.

Beetroot, Water Chestnut, Chive Dumplings

The dumplings were delicious. Flavourful, fresh and light. And, oh that Goma sauce! Total velvety sesame perfection.

Baby Back Ribs

AMAZING. I’ve had these before, but I can’t write about Yuu Kitchen without mentioning their amazing ribs. Sticky and soft, with an Asian barbeque sauce, chilli and a squeeze of lime. Aw yum!

Ice Cream Bao

You can choose from a selection of ice-cream, but I’d recommend the coconut. Coconut ice cream, not over flavoured, creamy and light, with crispy toasted coconut pieces in a deep-fried bao bun. That’s right, you heard me! 

Yes, it was like a doughnut, but on another level. Only the other week I was at the Norfolk coast banging on about how much I wanted a hot cinnamon ring doughnut with whippy on top. Well no, that dream has been replaced. Thank Yuu!

Yuu Kitchen, 29 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NE

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I was a guest of Yuu Kitchen – this does not in any way affect my opinions or my ability to eat.