Is This the World’s Most Expensive Barbecue?

Your gardener has manicured the lawns and trimmed the flower beds, the very latest cutting-edge patio area has been laid and you have just the right furniture to match the neighbours. How do you trump them now that it’s garden party season? With the World’s most expensive barbeque, of course.

Right on cue, a new product has arrived to take this honour, courtesy of UK firm Aemyrie, named from the old English word for ember. Company founder Peter Walsh is on a mission to create the best outdoor cooking experience, and – prepare yourself Weber fans – it doesn’t involve gas.


This impressive device is a work of art in itself, and according to Aemyrie every one is different, so there’s no chance of clashing with the neighbours. It’s also a very advanced piece of equipment for something as outwardly primitive as a fuel burner – check out these cool stats:

  • A powerful Ceramignite® ignition system brings the grill to cooking temperature in a matter of minutes, up to a sweltering 350˚C
  • A high-performing computer running adaptive and intelligent software controls hidden fans, air channels and variable vents which constantly monitor and manage airflows throughout the entire system
  • A NASA-developed, environmentally friendly and safe insulator called ‘Aerogel’, helps provide a ‘safe touch’ exterior, even when operating at maximum temperature
  • The grill can cook with solid wood logs, briquettes and charcoal, whilst chefs can add oak, cherry, apple, hickory or any other favoured woods
  • The high heat can activate a self-cleaning mode, carbonising cooking residues
  • An almost limitless range of materials can be used in each commission, from wood finishes to silver and gold
  • The makers claim inspiration from classic cars and boats and the design has already won awards, whilst a number of high-profile chefs have already expressed interest

Walsh says; “Every commission is hand-made in England to each customers’ personal requirements and provides its owner with a true sense of individuality. Each grill is built by a dedicated team of artisan craftsmen, experienced designers and professional fabricators. We can create the iconic end panels in a variety of hardwoods and other materials and can offer several special finishes for other panels using paints, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and even liquid metals. We assemble all the components by hand and the final stages are completed on site with the new owner.

“There are many cooking styles available to a chef when using an Aemyrie grill. A world first, patent pending intelligent temperature control mechanism automatically adjusts the grill to ensure food is cooked precisely. This allows both food lovers and professional chefs alike to create everything from a steak seared for seconds, to melt-in-the-mouth meat which has been smoked at very low temperature for 20 hours or more.”

Sounds appetising? The 1.4-metre high, 350kg grill can feed 30 or more guests and if you need to ask…prices start at a cool £25,000.