Yoghurt, But Not As You Know It: Introducing Mandira London Fresh Yoghurt Bar

Presenting a unique and healthy variety of fresh yoghurt bowls inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, Mandira London do yoghurt like you have never seen before!

Combining the finest natural Greek yoghurt with a selection of sweet and savoury ‘fillings’, each dish prepped on site daily, this contemporary yoghurt bar offers a new and refreshing eating sensation to the Capital.

Launched earlier this year, by Deyvi Sidi-Sarfati and Georg Keller, Mandira London is the FIRST of its kind to open in the city, bringing with it a Mediterranean twist on how we usually eat this dairy delight.

Once reserved for dessert only, an exclusive savoury yoghurt menu is presented, including combinations of Hummus & Za’atar, Cucumber & Mint and Aubergine Puree & Tomato. Each serving is seasoned with a blend of fresh herbs and spices to bring an authentic European flavour to every bowl.

For those with a sweet tooth, more traditional pairings can be found such as, Granola & Strawberry, Blueberry & Green Apple and Mango & Pineapple. All come topped with either Honey or Agave Maple Syrup and garnished with Fresh Mint, Star Anise or Chia Seeds.

Low in fat and packed with a multitude of vitamins and nutrients, all vital for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Mandira London predict their Eastern European favourite, Forman’s Smoked Salmon & Dill will be the choice du jour for AW17.

In addition to the fresh yoghurt bowls, Julius Meinl coffee is offered along with a homemade hearty soup of the day, fresh juice and sandwiches served on traditional Turkish simit bread.


78 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9NG