6 Valentine’s Gifts You Can Give For Free

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day – all those ugly teddy bears, plastic roses and oversized cards (the bigger the card, the more you must love someone, obviously!)
That’s not to say I don’t think you should show the one you love how much you truly value them, but ideally you’d do it more than once a year.

You’re Gorgeous mug from Moojoe Gifts

Any way, here’s a quick list of nice things you can do for your Valentine that won’t break the bank – pick one or go all out and pick them all!

1. Take them a cup of tea in bed. Get extra points for telling them it’s there before it goes cold.

2. Make a mix tape. Mix CD? Playlist? I don’t know, we’re in the future now and you’ll not necessarily be able to draw them a funky cover with your best felt tips, but a selection of great songs that remind you of them could be a lovely thing. (Just don’t try to be ‘funny’ by mixing in that Hoochie Mama song from Friday.)

3. Cook a homemade meal. None of your fancy M&S two dine for a tenner stuff, just something simple that you can make yourself – if that’s egg on toast, so be it.

4.  Write a poem. Try to avoid limericks and words rhyming with luck.

5.  Create a found flower bouquet. What could be nicer? Trawl the garden for snowdrops and raid the hedgerows for berries. Be careful – I once had to sling my village show ‘Hedgerow Harvest’ bouquet from the car window because it smelt so bad.

6.  Write an ‘I owe you’ note for the money you’ve not spent on the Valentine’s gifts they were expecting.


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