A Third of Brits Don’t Know How to Shut off their Gas in an Emergency

UK homeowners have admitted that they do not know how to switch off the live services that supply their home, putting their lives in jeopardy and risking substantial damage to their property.

Recently released data from a survey of 2,000 British homeowners and tenants has revealed that 43% of respondents would not know how to turn off their gas if there was an emergency, whilst a third said they would search the internet to find out how to locate the shut-off valve

Find-a-tradesperson service MyBuilder has launched the ‘Know Your Home’ campaign in response to the survey, which revealed a worrying lack of knowledge when it comes to the function of the services within their home. The ‘Know Your Home’ initiative has been designed to educate renters and homeowners on basic—and potentially life-saving—lessons that they should know.

And it isn’t just the gas valve that Brits are struggling to locate.  7% have Googled ‘How to replace a gas cooker’, while 11% have searched the internet to discover ‘how to fix the boiler’. These internet searches have raised concern as it is against the law to carry out work on a gas fire, cooker, hob or boiler, unless a person is on the Gas Safe Register.

Any homeowner or renter using unverified information from the web could be putting their families lives at risk, as any work involving gas should only be undertaken by a professional.

A fifth also admitted they do not know how to turn off their water, putting their home at risk of costly flood damage should a leak occur. Six percent have had to contact a plumber to locate the stopcock and turn it off for them.  The same number had to call out an electrician to switch their power back on.

A quarter of respondents have said they have drilled into the walls of their home without checking if there are any pipes or live wiring behind them.

It seems many of us also struggle to do the more basic home maintenance tasks, with 28% of Brits not knowing how to bleed a radiator in the event of an airlock in the system.  And 12% of 18-34-year olds have turned to Google to find out how to change a lightbulb.

Visit the MyBuilder website to find out more about their ‘Know Your Home’ campaign.