All The Photography Things & A Field

I’m very busy. It seems I am constantly repeating that sentence. I am very busy. Sometimes, even when I am very busy, I like to run free!

I’m working on something (and everything). I’m putting together some imagery for the artwork of an indie/folk album. I’m working through a few ideas digitally, and then I’m going to whip out the biscuit tins and get all pinhole on the project.

There’s one very special location that sprung to mind, a place my friend Matt knew I would be intrigued by, a place where the evidence of life and death sometimes hangs from the trees… a field.

The sun was shining and I rushed out with my camera. It was a beautiful crisp day. The wind whipped round my face and through my hair. I squinted in the bright sun, the occasional tear tracking down my cheek. I walked briskly to the field, and then – what was the first thing I did when I got there? (Adam will be able to answer this immediately!) I stepped backwards into a dog poo! Why does this always happens me?

Please send more shoes.

I looked to the trees for evidence. I found lots of clues, but not the one I was looking for. I kept looking.

I am very busy. Lots of photography things. We had our quarterly review last week, and it was good. We’ve been doing good, lots of good. All the good. If you’re into photography you might like some of the good we’re doing.

Do you want to exhibit your photography in central London? Here’s the call for entries for the Shutter Hub OPEN Exhibition 2015.

Would you like me to come and talk to you about Professional Development and help you with your portfolio? Have a look at this then! I’m also hosting drop-in PD sessions at FORMAT International Photography Festival next weekend… and giving an award! (I know I will do something embarrassing, and it will probably be an animal impression!)

Would you like to get together with other photographers and see an exhibition? Come to our Meet Up at the National Media Museum next month.

Fancy seeing me talk about pinhole photography in front of too many experts, and give an award, at the Worldwide Pinhole Day event in London…. cue more embarrassing animal impressions and bad jokes, no doubt!

Perhaps you’d just like to read a recent book review I’ve written? Here’s one. Nigel Grierson’s book, Photographs, is right up my street.

I told you. I am very busy.

Any way, our quarterly review. We though it would be good to get out of the studio and have no distractions. We thought. We went to The Hare Arms, sat in the conservatory and ordered burgers.

Whilst we were eating the cat came in and pee’d up the wall next to us. ‘Excuse me’, I said to the barman, ‘Otis has just wee’d on the wall’. He went to clear it up. Someone else came and asked how our meals were, and all I could do was say ‘Timing!’ and laugh. Then I went red with embarrassment. I think I felt it for Otis, but he didn’t care. Cat of little shame. He hopped up onto a chair and sat, right leg stuck out to the side, left leg pointing up in the air, spread-eagle, no washing, just staring intently at a woman who was eating her lunch. Funny animal.

I’ve seen him doing the rounds of the carpark before, peeing up peoples bumpers. I’ve always found it quite amusing to think that people are spending their money in his pub whilst he is attending to the parking area. However enamoured I am with him, I’m not sure I am happy about having my lunch whilst he proclaims ownership of the conservatory wall!

Still, after that unusual distraction we managed to get a lot done. I felt proud of our achievements. And Otis’s, kind of.

On the way back I curb-crawled an Egret. I wanted to get Neil’s photo with it so he’d have something to put on Linkedin. (We’d been discussing professional images). The Egret tried to fly away, and the photo didn’t come out very well. Neil said it looked like he was happy about a polythene bag in a field. I said it looked like he might think it contained discarded sandwiches.

(That’s a duck in that photo. Not an Egret. I know that!)