Britain in Bloom: Demand for Seeds reaches an all-time High

Life may seem very grey right now, with summer events and holidays cancelled in response to the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but many Brits have chosen to inject colour into their gardens whilst cooped-up at home.

It seems that Britain is blooming when it comes to flowers, with a record demand for colourful hollyhocks, hydrangeas, delphiniums and seeds.

The Seed Co-operative has reported that its orders are up to six times higher than the same period last year and the Royal Horticultural Society has also reported a fivefold rise in enquiries through its website as the UK makes the most of their outdoor space during the lockdown period.

David Price, The Seed Co-operative’s managing director, commented: “We’ve had good levels of stock, but lots of others are now running out.”

Price also expressed concerns that the increase in seed demand could mean that supplies will be limited in the near future. “We’re running on multi-annual production schedules, so it could become a real issue in a few years, when seed supply hasn’t had time to replenish,” he added.

Lockdown has also introduced home-grown produce and an interest in gardening to a younger generation: “Planting a few potatoes can be quite a revelation to a child,” said Guy Barter, the chief horticulturist at the Royal Horticultural Society. The RHS website also offers plenty of advice on getting children involved with gardening activities.

Wildflower seed specialists Kabloom have also seen its sales skyrocket tenfold since the end of March. The Glasgow-based company are best known for their ‘Seedboms’ which are compostable containers filled with compost and seeds, designed to burst on impact with the ground to spread a colourful crop of wildflowers.

And it’s not just Brits who are getting to grips with green fingers. Fruit and vegetable seed sales have risen across the globe as families turn to home grown produce in a bid to get outside and do something constructive with their time at home.