Christmas Tree… Whoa, Christmas Tree!

The other weekend our friend Isi invited us over to her farm to choose a tree for Christmas. It was a beautiful sunny day. Bright, frosty, crisp, and just perfect.

Isi spotted a tree that she wanted for her home, a little chubby six-footer, and Adam swiftly cut it down. Then she said, with a cheeky glint in her eye, ‘take your pick!’ and we looked to the skies.

In the end we chose a rather large tree to fell, turned three quarters of it into logs, and came home with eight feet of tree top glory!

It might seem wrong to cut down such a large tree, and I would have once thought the same, but in order for all the trees to grow successfully and healthily the woodland needs to be managed and maintained. With a chain saw, obviously!

It was a lovely day, the Winter sunlight was gratefully soaked up, and it felt proper Christmassy to go foraging for our own tree!

The only downside was that Jackson (that magnificent beast there!) smeared his filthy dog stink on me and my favourite Jaeger coat. I would have preferred to just abandon it in the woods and replace it with this one, but the grown-up in me knew I had to stick with it and send it to the cleaners!