Decorating The Tree & Meeting Father Christmas

I’m really not the best Christmas decorator, I’m too lazy and I don’t like to have the decorations up for too long, but I do like a good bauble. Everyone likes a good bauble, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. What a treat!

I’m very pleased with the light in our dining room, it was dead quick to sling some fishing line and glass baubles over the chandelier arms, and I think it looks rather pretty. I hope they don’t fall in our my Christmas dinner.

Last Christmas I made some decorations from vintage camera flash bulbs and wild swan feathers.

I love all the random things on the Christmas tree! Usually we can’t fit my entire bauble collection on a single tree, but this year we did really well, it’s a big tree!

By the way, I met Father Christmas yesterday. He was not what I expected. He’d left his full-sized sleigh at home (apparently built on a caravan chassis) and had a portable one on loan. Some bigger boys had ridden their bicycles at his sleigh and his hat kept falling off, so he wasn’t in particularly high spirits.

Happy Christmas!