Easter Arts and Crafts to Inspire You

The clocks have moved forwards, Easter is just around the corner and Spring is most definitely in the air. However, due to the UK lockdown whilst we all play our part in tackling the Coronavirus crisis, Easter is looking likely to be very different for all of us this year.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make Easter colourful and enjoyable. There are so many Easter crafting projects you can undertake to beat the boredom, and if you have little ones you are currently home-schooling, then an afternoon of Easter-themed arts and crafts could be a welcome addition to your timetable.

Here are a few of our favourite projects to kick-start your Easter-inspired creativity:

Paper baskets for the egg hunt

If you want to get your kids out into the garden to let off some steam, then you can organise a traditional Easter egg hunt. But to amuse the little ones before they set off, they can craft their own Easter basket to collect their goodies in.

Plastic egg plant pots

Recycle plastics eggs by turning them into a mini-plant pot.  Simply glue the egg bases together and add some compost and a small plant. For a fun twist, sprinkle cress seeds into the eggs and watch it grow. Kids will enjoy measuring the cress’s progress. Once grown, the cress can be used to sprinkle on salads or as a delicious home-grown addition to an egg sandwich.

Salt-dough decorations

Bring some much-needed cheer to the world and hang up these salt-dough egg decorations in your front garden to bring a smile to the faces of passers-by. Salt dough is easily made from flour, salt and water and once baked is hard enough to paint in bright, cheerful colours. We suggest a clear varnish top-coat if you’re planning on hanging them outside to keep them weather-proof.

Super sweetie jars

These brightly decorated jars make lovely Easter gifts when filled with sweets or chocolate eggs. You’ll likely have all the things you need at home already.  Simply take a clean jam jar and go crazy with the glitter, paints and stickers and fill with your favourite sweet treats.

No-cook confectionary

Once you’ve made your sweetie jars, fill them with these delicious peppermint creams. They don’t need cooking and are perfect for your little chefs to get involved with.  For added luxury, dip the sweets in melted chocolate too!

Recycled Easter chicks

Upcycle your egg boxes and turn them into these fabulous Easter chicks.  Youngsters will love decorating their egg-carton chick with bright colours, feathers and any other bits and bobs you have laying around the house.  For a special treat, place a few chocolate mini-eggs in each chick!

Knitted bunny storage patterns

Knitting enthusiasts can make these lovely Easter bunny baskets. The pattern is available as a digital download from Hobbycraft for just £2 which means you can get started right away. As well as making an ideal gift box for Easter goodies, they can also be used at any time of the year and filled with nappies, baby bubble bath and bibs as a practical hamper for a new Mum.

Fingerprint Easter cards

Easter is a time for family and although it’s difficult to spend time face-to-face with your nearest and dearest right now, you can let them know you are thinking of them by crafting these cute fingerprint Easter cards.  All you need is some stiff card, an inkpad and a black felt pen to get started. Add a greeting or message to your finished cards and make Grandma’s day when she receives a cheery card through her letterbox.

Easter egg balloons

Easter egg hunts are always great fun. But if you are looking to have all the fun without the calories, why not make your own balloon Easter eggs and organise an indoor hunt to see who can collect the most decorated balloons? This activity provides double the fun, as before you can hunt for your ‘eggs’ you must decorate the balloons first.

Wine cork chicks

This one is a favourite with many parents, as before the kids can use the corks to make their chicks, Mum and Dad need to drink the wine!  Once the Merlot has been polished off, the corks can be used as stamps, dipped in yellow paint and stamped out to make the chicks. Add details with a black pen and hang up the finished artwork to brighten the room.

Pom-pom chicks

We all remember making pom-poms as youngsters, and now is the time to revisit these much-loved techniques with our children. Using leftover wool and pipe cleaners, you can say ‘no‘ to screen-time and make a whole family of pom-pom chicks to play with instead.

Baby chick bookmarks

Encouraging children to read is really important, especially whilst they are spending so much time at home, but it’s not always an easy task to get them reading.  If you have a reluctant reader, then inspire them to pick up a book by crafting this cute baby chick bookmark.

The no-sew sock bunny

Turn some uncooked rice, an old sock and some twine into a cute sock bunny that can be used as a doorstop or a decoration. There’s no sewing required, so everyone can join in and make their own bunny!

Add some Spring to your sofa

Making your own cushions is not as daunting as it sounds and makes a great project to keep boredom at bay. All you need is some felt pieces, some material to match your sofa and a steady hand with a needle. You’d be ‘hopping mad’ not to try this crafty cushion-making challenge for yourself.

It may be shaping up to be an unusual Easter for the nation, but we hope that our Easter crafting projects have given you some inspiration to make the holidays a little bit brighter.