Easy to Make Christmas Gift Ideas

If the thought of braving the shops in the week leading up to Christmas seems daunting—especially during a pandemic—there are many thoughtful gift ideas that you can make at home.

A homemade present is a memorable way to show family and friends you are thinking of them. Here are some simple seasonal gifts that are sure to delight:

Give a glow this Christmas

There is something very special about the glow of candles on a cold Christmas evening, and these scented candles made with essential oils are guaranteed to light up the room.

Once these homemade candles are lit, the room will fill with the seasonal aromas of fresh pine and frankincense.  If you prefer a different fragrance try cinnamon, clove, or cedarwood essential oils which are all classic Christmas aromas.

Half the fun of making candles at home is in decorating the mason jars (or jam jars) used to hold the wax. For a classic finish, wind twine or a length of burlap around the jar and glue in place, or go wild with glitter and ribbons for a truly festive feel. Hobbycraft has all the supplies you’ll need to make impressive candles – and they are delivering right up to December 23—ideal for a last-minute gift.

Gifts for grandparents

Gift ideas for grandparents can be tricky, but a personal gift from the grandchildren will always be welcome.

We love these festive tree decorations—all created with handprints and fingerprints of the little ones—which can be hung on the family Christmas tree for years to come.

If you’re unable to be with your grandparents this Christmas, then why not send them a ‘homemade hug’ in the post. It’s a fun way to let Granny know you’re thinking of her and will put a smile on her face until you can be together again.

If you have an older relative who lives alone, why not record an audiobook for them? They will love to hear the sound of your voice and can while away a wintery afternoon listening to a good book narrated by their favourite grandchild.

Create some bathtime fizz

Making bath bombs to gift is a great Christmas activity that will keep the kids busy and once you have the basic ingredients, you can let your imagination run wild with different shapes and fragrances.

To make the basic bath bomb base you’ll need:

  • 100g bicarbonate of soda
  • 50g citric acid
  • 25g cornflour
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • ¼ tsp essential oil – try a traditional Christmas fragrance

You can also add a few drops of food colouring to the mix for brightly coloured bombs, and add orange peel or flower petals for decoration. There is no need to splash out on a bath bomb mould as yoghurt pots or ice-cube trays work just as well.  Wrap your finished fizzers in Christmas paper and place them in a gift box.

Homemade gifts for pets

It’s Christmas Eve and you’ve forgotten to buy a present for the pooch!  Don’t panic, there are plenty of odds and ends you have around the home that will make a great gift for Fido.

Socks are a firm favourite with dogs, and an old sock stuffed with a couple of tennis balls makes a great dog toy to keep them amused on Christmas morning.

Alternatively, these three-ingredient dog biscuits can be quickly whipped up in the kitchen.  All you’ll need is a banana, a sweet potato, and some oats.

Homemade gift vouchers

If you have a friend who is hard to buy for, then why not create a homemade voucher, which they can cash in with you whenever they need a treat?

A babysitting voucher will be welcomed by most parents— or maybe you have a skill related to your job that you could gift, such as hairdressing or decorating. If you are a keen photographer you could offer a family photoshoot as a thoughtful and unique gift idea.

Gourmet gifts for foodies

Christmas is all about indulgence, which makes these white chocolate snowball truffles a delicious gift. For an adults-only version, add a splash of brandy, Cointreau, or rum.

Homemade marshmallows can be presented in a gift box with a selection of hot chocolate sachets to make a warming Christmas treat for your friends.

If the recipient of your gift doesn’t have a sweet tooth, gift them a jar of potted cheddar, which they can enjoy with crackers, crusty bread, and a glass of port on Boxing Day.  It takes just ten minutes to prepare, so it’s great for a last-minute gift. Accompany the cheddar pot with a basket of moreish manchego and chorizo biscuits.

A word of warning though—we suggest you make double the quantity and keep some for yourself as they taste so good that you won’t want to give them away.

Treat adult friends to a bottle of homemade Christmas cheer.  All you need is a bottle of vodka to which juniper berries, orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon are added and left to steep overnight. The infused vodka can then be sieved and poured into clean bottles and decorated with ribbons and sparkles.  The finished product will keep for several months and is best enjoyed with a splash of tonic or as a martini.

Homemade Christmas presents may take a little more effort than ordering a gift online, but they are well worth the effort—and DIY festive gifts will mean a lot more to the recipient than a shop-bought box of chocolates.