Forget Property Hotspots, most Children just want a Swimming Pool

When looking for a new home, most property buyers look for transport links and local amenities including shops and schools. It seems that their children don’t share the same aspirations, however, according to a new study.

Property portal Share to Buy asked 1000 6-10 year olds what they wanted from a new house, and the results are a little more exciting than a nearby branch of Waitrose or double garage.

A whopping three quarters wanted a swimming pool, often the preserve of the well-off, whilst half would like a giant slide.

Just under a third would wish for private bowling alleys and helipads, with other suggestions including ballrooms, a room filled with musical instruments and football pitches.

Location matters to the 6-10 age group too. But whereas a reliable train into town might seal the deal for their parents, it’s far more important for the children to be by the sea, at least for a third of those asked. A quarter would prefer the countryside, however.

Children are nothing if not aspirational, it seems, and one area in which they do seem to agree with their parents is the race to get on the property ladder. Two-thirds wanted to do this by the time they reached 30, with one in ten even keen to have a mortgage in their teens.

Nick Lieb, Head of Operations at Share to Buy, comments: “I’m delighted to see a new generation of children aspiring to home ownership. In the past twenty years, the average property price in London has more than quadrupled, and with no signs of house prices slowing down, it’s now more important than ever to provide affordable housing solutions for future generations. At Share to Buy, we are proud to be supporting the next generation of homeowners taking their first step on the property ladder through schemes such as Shared Ownership. We are working with some of the sector’s largest providers to deliver truly affordable homes for first time buyers across the capital and beyond.”