Four Candles for the Perfect Christmas Fragrance

When you think of the festive season what comes to mine? The warm scent of Christmas puddings, fresh cut pine trees, cinnamon and spices, brussels sprout… erm.

We’ve found five candles to help you keep the warmth and cosiness of Christmas time going for as long as possible.

This candle is very much for the season, with ‘It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas’ stamped on the side of it. Three wicks, and a subtle spiced apple and cinnamon scent.

£5.00 from Wilko.
Approx. burn time: 25 hours.

Spiced Apple and Cinnamon candle.

It’s not pine-tree scented, but it could be. This lime and bay leaf candle smells fresh and foresty, and comes in a ceramic mug that wouldn’t look out of place beside a toasty campfire in the woods.

£9.95 fron Rex London.
Approx. burn time: 30 hours.

Lime & Bay Leaf candle.

Seagrass & Cucumber apothecary bottle candle. Clean and fresh, and the closest thing you might get to a Gin and Tonic until Christmas Eve, an attractively packaged candle not just for Christmas.

£8.95 from Rex London.
Approx. burn time: 36 hours.

Seagrass & Cucumber apothecary bottle candle. 

The most expensive of our selection, but the most well-known brand. This two wicked ‘holiday pomegranate’ scented Yankee candle from the ‘Elevation Collection’ smells of cherries, apples and spices, and comes in a square glass with a brushed metal platform lid that doubles as a candle platform.

£23.99 from Yankee Candles.
Approx. burn time: 65-80 hours.

Holiday Pomegranate candle.