Handmade Wreaths (for Hanging, Burning, or Slinging Out the Window!)

I thought it would be really nice to make rag wreaths for some of my lovely friends this Christmas. It wasn’t really nice, not at all, I hated tying stuff to stuff, night after night. I tried to personalise them, and I thought I’d chosen well, until I got a text from Lisa who’d opened hers early! Haaaaa! So, anyway, whether they hang them, burn them, or sling them out the window, here are the results of my hard work, the fruits of my labour,  the salt of my tears!

The Susie – Filling life with all of the colours, all of the time. It’s all good!

The Anna – Cheeky chirpy little vintage beauty.

The Clare – Lover of simplicity and timeless style.

The Isobel – Birdwatching, star gazing, owl loving, sweetpea.

The Janey – Salt of the earth with a touch of sparkle!

The Kaelah – Full of the joys of spring, every day, whatever the weather!

The Kristiana – dragged from the archives of floral glory this vintage Liberty print should be right up bookshop girls street!

The Lisa – Delicate, timeless beauty. (Or not! Haaaaa!)

The Liz – Eclectic magpie with a penchant for the term ‘waste not want not!’

(I used most of the Christmas ribbon to make this jolly mess!)

The Madeleine – Arty, crafty, plaid wearing, hill walking, autumn leaf kicker.

The Natasha – Vintage loving, baby juggling, retro diner dweller. (Where’s the meat?!)

The Philippa – stitcher of supremeness, super crafty aunty and best ‘rubbish’ giver!

The Rocky – Dude! If it doesn’t look like halloween or have cats on it, it’s not good enough!

The Rosemary – Ta da! Lover of the classical and the opulent. Pretty like a peacock – small head big body… no no no! (sorry Mum!)

The April (& Tim!) – Reliable design classic with a quirky  twist.

The end!

Which one would you hang, burn or sling? (Oh, it’s a bit like Snog Marry Avoid, but not).