July Jobs in the Garden – A Little Work Now is Well Worth the Effort

Whether July is baking hot, or soaking wet, there’s plenty to do in the garden to ensure it looks its best for the summer.

water flowers

General jobs to do in the garden:

  • Arrange care for houseplants if you’re going on holiday
  • Water tubs and new plants if dry, but be water-wise, especially in dry conditions
  • Cut back growth in hanging baskets and feed to encourage new flowers and foliage
  • Clear algae, blanket weeds and debris from ponds, and keep them topped up

water dahlias

Jobs to do in the flower garden:

  • Check clematis for signs of wilt on leaves and black discolouration on stems and leaves – cut out all affected material
  • Deadhead roses and sweet peas as well as bedding and perennial plants, to encourage further flowering
  • Cut back faded perennial plants to keep borders tidy
  • Continue to tie in and train new growth on climbing plants.
  • Prune Magnolia and Lupins and trim Wisteria side shoots to around 20cm from their base
  • Capture seed heads from weeds to prevent spread, spray persistent weeds and keep an eye out for pests on plants – treat if necessary
  • Give dahlias a liquid feed, keep them well watered and tie the shoots of tall varieties to sturdy stakes as they grow
  • Plant autumn bulbs in pots and borders and sow biennials for next year

harvest peaches

Jobs to do in the fruit and vegetable garden:

  • Water all crops daily in warm weather
  • Pick courgettes before they become marrows and nip off the growing tips to encourage branching
  • Harvest apricots, peaches and nectarines
  • Plant second cropping potatoes for Christmas in pots or bags, which can be covered when frosts arrive
  • Remove sideshoots on tomatoes and snip any leaves growing below the lowest ripening fruit to improve air circulation, feed with tomato fertiliser once a week
  • Pick runner beans regularly so that they don’t become stringy and check for aphids, washing off any straight away
  • Look out for and control slugs, treat blackfly on broad beans by pinching off affected growing tips, clear away any diseased and spent foliage around all vegetable plants
  • Thin out the fruits on trees and protect developing fruits from birds and squirrels with netting. Prune plum, apricot, peach and cherry trees

open greenhouse door

In the greenhouse:

  • Check plants daily and water first thing in the morning or in the evening – if necessary, damp down greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity and open vents and doors
  • Tidy fallen leaves and flowers and hang sticky traps for pests – look out for aphids, vine weevils and treat
  • Take cuttings from tender perennials
  • Take large-leaved houseplants into the garden and hose them down to clean off accumulated dust – feed all houseplants weekly

watering lawn

What to do with the lawn:

  • Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed or, if not done yet, feed with lawn fertiliser
  • Water your lawn during hot weather if newly-seeded or turfed
  • In long dry periods, don’t close-cut the lawn as it stresses the grass. Leave cut grass on the lawn to preserve moisture
  • Apply specific lawn weed killer as these grow quickly in summer months and sow grass seeds when they have died
  • Brush out ants nests on dry days before mowing