Living in a Fairy Tale World / It’s Okay to Collect Moths

I’ve been waiting for this book for ages. I must have emailed the publishers at least half a dozen times asking them when I could expect it! And then it arrived.

With its foiled front and page marking ribbon there’s something a little magical about it.

A handful of the images don’t appear to be particularly sharp, or of the highest photographic quality, I suspect many of them are smartphone images from the way they look. But, it’s okay, it’s not a photography book and it’s a means of sharing work that may have been documented some time ago before being packed off to shops, galleries and collectors.

This really is a visual delight, with limited text, including a few simple interview questions such as, ‘What’s a day in the life of Mister Finch?’ ‘Why use vintage materials?’ and, ‘What’s the best piece of advice given to you that you’d share with other?’ – to which Mister Finch’s reply is: ‘Be positive; form a plan of what you want to do and where you want to get to and believed that its going to happen. Surround yourself with images of what you want and see it clearly in your mind. Work hard.’

It’s the dead birds I’m drawn to most, and the moths. I love moths. The chunky furry bodies of the moths are delightful.

I think birds are beautiful. At the garden centre I always head off to ogle the finches and canaries. I pick up feathers whenever I find them and bring them home. It’s always so sad to see a dead bird, their fragile delicate bodies, still and weighty, heavier than a deep sleep.

Mister Finch, when talking about the birds says, ‘To recreate them in death for me is not to illustrate death itself, it’s more to communicate loss… how one minute you can be in the sky and the next, gone.’

One lovely thing about this book is that it helps me justify my random collections. I’m not the only one who loves tattered and worn, random items of the best storytelling variety.

I love all the little snippets and images, like a scrapbook of an intriguing life. – boxes of little brass shoes, rows of glass salts, pin cushions and trinkets galore.

Mister Finch Living in a Fairy Tale World is published by Glitterati
November 2014 Release  | £30.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9913419-7-9

Thank you to the team at Glitterati for kindly sending me a press copy of  Living in a Fairytale World