Meet Me in The Garden

My friend Lyndall has spent much of the summer working on a social inclusion and cohesion project at Kings Lynn Arts Centre. With seven highly skilled and devoted volunteers, the most lovely garden has been created. Gentle, calming and full of colour, texture and interest.

Lyndall is one of the most excellent artists I know, I’m always totally impressed by her patience and attention to detail, and I think those fine skills have been really useful here in supporting the garden team.

The group of volunteers have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and aside from having ‘being unemployed’ in common, more importantly and impressively, they have incredible amounts of talent and dedication.

I felt so inspired by their sensitively designed and beautifully set-out garden. I am definitely going to go on the hunt for a ‘cup and saucer’ plant and grow some more vegetables around the garden – including that green spinachy one with the pink glittery top. And, if I ever come across an old Berko boiler I am going to plant it up, quick smart!

I’m sure that the garden’s creators will be feeling very proud of their achievements, and I really hope that this is the beginning of something special for them all.

The garden is open every Thursday from 11am – 4pm until 25th September. Access to the garden is via Ferry Lane, off King Street, Lings Lynn, PE30 1HN.

It’s just a small garden, but it packs a punch – or maybe not a punch, more like a gentle shoulder rub! Really, it’s the perfect place to stop off and relax. It’s free to visit too!