Nine in Ten Brits claim they are Stuck in their very own Version of Groundhog Day

NINE in ten Brits claim they are stuck in their very own version of Groundhog Day, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in depth look into modern life for Brits and discovered the extent to which we are creatures of habit, with as many as 67 percent of us going so far as to say we are “stuck in a rut”.

More than one in three (37 percent) said they leave the house at precisely the same time every day, while 42 percent take exactly the same route to work every day.

The poll revealed over half of us watch the same TV shows each week, while one in five order exactly the same take-away and one in ten admit they buy the same bottle of wine week in, week out.

A further 14 percent said they have the same conversation with their other half every evening – moaning about the same people and the same work grumbles.

Furthermore, according to the data, 84 percent don’t ever stray from their weekly shopping list and only 16 percent said they like to mix things up and try new foods.

The poll of 1,500 adults marks the launch of Highland Spring’s ‘H20omph’ campaign which is encouraging the nation to celebrate life by venturing outside of their comfort zone, just a little bit.

Behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, said: “Over a third of Brits (35 percent) said that being a creature of habit was just a part of life, and familiarity can be very comforting.

“But while routine is comforting, it can also be a major cause of boredom, demotivation and can leave us feeling like it’s Groundhog Day. There are so many quick and easy, big and small ways we can mix things up and make the most of everyday. Take a routine work day – and shake it up a bit. Small changes can make big improvements in our daily routine.

“We do need an element of predictability to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Modifying certain areas of our lives, such as trying a different sport, or simply changing our regular meal times or journeys, enables us to break out of the monotony cycle and has been shown to make us more adventurous overall. We have a release of feel good endorphins during exercise for example, or a rush of adrenalin doing something new, even as we simply anticipate it. Rather than going back to the same holiday destination time and time again – simply take the ingredients that you like, whether that’s a beach, child friendly hotel, sightseeing or an activity-based break, type them into a search engine and see what new and unexplored adventures await.”

“Setting ourselves new goals and challenges outside of our regular comfort zone – however small – can inspire us, make us feel more creative and more satisfied with life overall, improving both our self-esteem and our self-confidence.”

People’s jobs were found to be the most monotonous area of their life, followed by their cleaning routine and the commute.

Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of safe and steady Brits have booked the same holiday more than once and the typical holiday maker has been back to their favourite destination FIVE times in their life.

But according to the study, the average Brit spends six hours every week dreaming about doing things differently, trying a new experience, going somewhere new or doing something they have never done before.

Karen Crowley, Head of Consumer Marketing at Highland Spring, added: “We’re all naturally driven to make the most of everyday and being properly hydrated helps us get there. It’s about balance – with small changes making surprisingly significant differences to our quality of life and ultimate well-being.

“It’s all about diving in to something new and thriving on those fun, unexpected moments. That’s why we’re giving the nation 10,000 chances to win new experiences with added H20omph.

“32 percent of go-getting Brits said they were going to make 2018 a year to remember. Whether it’s taking an iconic train journey or reinvigorating an everyday cinema experience, we’re offering consumers the tools to help them on their way.”

CREATURES OF HABIT…. (20 ways Brits experience Groundhog Day)

1.Watch the same TV shows (54 percent)
2.Listen to the same radio stations (42 percent )
3.Take the same route to work every day (42 percent)
4.Wear the same clothes every week (29 percent)
5.Eat the same breakfast everyday (30 percent)
6.Order the same coffee (26 percent)
7.Eat the same lunch (23 percent)
8.Cook the same meals on rotation each week (22 percent)
9.Order the same take-away (20 percent)
10.Go to the same cinema (18 percent)
11.Log on to social media at the same time every day (17 percent)
12.Eat at the same restaurant / café / pub (17 percent)
13.Repeat the same things to your children (16 percent)
14.Have the same conversations with your other half every evening (14 percent)
15.Take the children to the same activities (12 percent)
16.Buy the same bottle of wine (10 percent)
17.Have the same date night (10 percent)
18.Travel in the same seat (9 percent)
19.Ring your mum at the same time every week (8 percent)
20.Travel in the same carriage (5 percent)