November’s Jobs in the Garden – Leaves are Starting to Fall

There’s always something to be doing in the garden and November’s no different from any other month. Leaves are starting to fall, wind and rain are more frequent and days are shorter.

General jobs to do in the garden:

  • Remove fallen leaves from lawns, pond and borders.
  • Garden structures: check for loose panels – now’s an ideal time to repair.
  • As it gets colder clean and top up bird feeders and bird tables.
  • Clean garden tools of soil and debris.
  • Empty water butts, or at least clean them out – they will replenish with fresh rainwater.
  • Check around the base of bonfires for hedgehogs and other wildlife before you light them.
  • Check & clear down pipes and gutters for blockages such as moss and leaves.

Jobs to do in the flower garden:

  • Dig new flower beds so the weather can help breakdown the soil for a better structure for planting in the spring.
  • Plant daffodil bulbs, tulips and other spring flowering bulbs.
  • Plant roses – you will get the pick of the new seasons crop.
  • Plant up a terracotta pot of hyacinth bulbs for a simple but stunning display next spring.
  • Clear out hanging baskets.
  • Before the birds eat them all, cut a few stems of holly with berries for making Christmas garlands.

Jobs to do in the vegetable garden:

  • Sow your Broad beans in situ – in colder areas cover with fleece to provide insulation.
  • Remove any plant debris to help prevent the spread of disease.
  • Start lifting leeks and parsnips as you require them.
  • Prepare a perennial vegetable bed which can be planted up with rhubarb crowns and asparagus crowns.

Jobs to do in the fruit garden:

  • Now is the ideal time to plant currant bushes whilst they are dormant.
  • Tidy up your strawberry plants – cut off any dead leaves and remove runners.
  • Check stored apples regularly – dispose of any that are rotten or diseased.
  • Prune pear and apple trees anytime between now and February. But don’t prune plum trees now as they will be susceptible to the silver leaf fungus – wait until midsummer.

Jobs to do in the Greenhouse:

  • Do not over water plants as water can freeze damaging plants.
  • Record night-time temperatures and if necessary put a heater in.
  • Replace any damaged glass and clean all glass.
  • Insulate the green house. Bubble wrap is good on the inside of panels.
  • Install lighting so you can check at night, solar lighting works well.
  • Check ventilation, especially if using heaters.

What to do with the lawn:

  • If its mild the grass will continue to grow – keep cutting it but make sure the blades are set to around 4cm (1.5 inches) high.
  • Keep clearing leaves off the lawn to let the light in and prevent dead patches appearing.
  • Spike lawns with a garden fork to improve drainage and aeration.
  • Now your beds are clear, try edging your lawn. Lawn edging creates a neat and tidy appearance and makes maintenance easier.
  • When cutting start collecting the cutting rather than mulching.