October’s Jobs in the Garden

Autumn may well be underway and Winter just round the corner but the weather forecast for most of us this month looks like bringing a late Summer.

Leaves are just starting to fall but with good temperature and some dry days it’s time to get those annual cleaning and repairing jobs done as well as give the lawn one final treatment.

General jobs to do in the garden:

  • Trim Hedges.
  • Give the lawn a final feed with a good moss control product.
  • Clean out gutters, clean paths, the green house, window sills and brick work and if you have them shutters.
  • Paint, stain and repair garden furniture.
  • Get the bird feeders and tables cleaned and ready for winter.
  • Try building a hedgehog hibernation box.
  • Keep on top of the leaves – fallen leaves can lead to diseases and will damage grass.

Photo by Ralph on Pixabay

Jobs to do in the flower garden:

  • Dig new flower beds so the weather can help breakdown the soil for a better structure for planting in the spring.
  • Plant daffodil bulbs, tulips and other spring flowering bulbs.

Jobs to do in the fruit & vegetable gardens:

  • Lift any remaining spuds, ideally on a dry day and leave in the sun for an hour or two to dry off.
  • Tidy up blackberries by cutting back any stems that carried fruits this year to the ground.
  • Tidy up strawberry plants by cutting off dead leaves and remove runners.
  • Store apples and check regularly for any that have gone rotten or are diseased.
  • Start to prepare a vegetable bed while the ground’s soft, ready for the spring.

What to do with the lawn:

  • Keep cutting it, if the weather starts to turn then raise the cutting deck a little.
  • Keep clearing leaves off the lawn to let the light in and prevent dead patches appearing.
  • Spike lawns with a garden fork to improve drainage and aeration.
  • Now your beds are clear, try edging your lawn. Lawn edging creates a neat and tidy appearance and makes maintenance easier.