Self-isolating? 10 Tips to keep Boredom at Bay

If you are one of the millions of Brits who are currently self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, the chances are you are going to end up getting more than a little bored.

We are a social nation, we go out to work, we enjoy a trip the pub and we value time spent with our family and friends. But the current landscape means that a large amount of the population is being urged to stay indoors, work from home and practice social distancing to slow down the rate at which coronavirus cases are increasing.

So, if you are confined to the house and cabin fever is already beginning to settle in, then we have some great ideas to help you beat the boredom.

Binge watch boxsets

It may be an obvious choice, but with so many of us leading busy lifestyles, we don’t often get the chance to indulge in a guilt-free session of pure, old fashioned laziness. So, if you’ve never given Game Of Thrones a go, or you want a mammoth sofa-fest with Breaking Bad, then now is the time to put on the PJs and get stuck in.

Decorating and DIY

Whilst we admit that this is less fun than watching a box-set, the fact that most pubs, cinemas and restaurants are closed means that now is a great time to catch up on all those niggly jobs that need doing around the house. Fix that leaky tap, replace the broken bathroom door handle or paint the hallway a cheery colour. You’ll also win major Brownie Points from your other half as you tick off all the jobs on your ‘to do’ list.

Keep your brain busy

Put your brain to the test with daily crossword puzzles or play an online game of Scrabble to pass the time – it’s surprisingly addictive. If you’re not a wordsmith then challenge yourself to these Sudoku teasers and get that grey matter working hard. You can even share the puzzles with family and friends and check in online with each other to see who will win champion of the day!

Ready, steady, BAKE!

This is a great option, especially if you are trying to keep little ones entertained with the school closures in force. Children love to be involved with making tasty treats – and early risers can get the day started with these delicious and healthy breakfast egg cups. Or course there is always room for sweet treats too, and unicorn biscuits make a great cooking activity to brighten up a rainy afternoon.

Get stuck into a new hobby

Use your self-isolation time productively. Maybe you’ve always wondered if you have a knack for knitting or are keen to discover if you can be creative with calligraphy. Both are low-cost hobby options and you can order all you need online without leaving the house.  There are hundreds of free tutorial videos online too, so what are you waiting for?

Take a virtual tour

Travelling might be on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to visiting the far-flung corners of the globe. Take a virtual tour to San Diego Zoo for a spot of penguin watching or try to glimpse a polar bear plunging into an icy pool.  If you fancy a stroll, why not take a walk along The Great Wall Of China?  All from the comfort of your armchair.

Catch up with your friends

Ok, so you might not be able to meet in person, but there is nothing to stop you from holding a film night with your besties. Decide a time to start watching the film and then everyone press play. You may not be in the same house, but with clever use of your WhatsApp group or a Facetime session, you can discuss the plot and enjoy some movie magic together.  Grab a glass of your favourite tipple to enhance the experience too!

Make your own soap

Personal hygiene products might be thin on the ground on the supermarket shelves right now, so spend your self-isolation time productively by mastering the art of soap making. Supplies are easy to purchase online – and you don’t have to stop at just soap. You can stock up your bathroom cabinet with shampoo bars, bath bombs and body butter.  They make great gifts too, if you need a present and can’t get out to the shops.

Break out the board games

If your whole family are self-isolating together, it’s a perfect opportunity to switch off your phones and dust off your collection of board games. Little ones will love learning to play classics such as The Game Of Life or Pictionary. You could turn super-sleuth with a few rounds of Cluedo – or indulge in the ultimate family board game: Monopoly.  One word of warning though – don’t be too smug if you are the one to build a hotel on Mayfair, as it’s a sure-fire way to cause a family argument.

Look up your family tree

Who knows what you might discover if you start delving into your family tree? You may even find out you have royal connections or a scandalous great, great, great uncle. Whatever you learn from your past relatives, unearthing secrets about your ancestors is great fun. There are lots of websites offering resources to bring past generations to life.

The coronavirus pandemic is going to prove challenging for all of us. But if you are self-isolating or trying to practice social distancing, we hope our home-based activities will help to keep you occupied.