Socialising Costs the Average Brit 6.5k a Year

Friends socialising

Britain’s 18-35 year-olds go out on average two times a week, expecting to spend £50 a night, but blowing the budget by more than a grand over the course of a year.

The nationwide survey also revealed that most feel regret the following day, not just with a hangover, but fear over how much they spent. It’s so bad that almost half of those in relationships regularly lie to their partner over how much they have wasted. One in five has suffered hardship thanks to their lifestyle, and 90 per cent claim to be in debt.

Boozy Brits go over budget for a variety of alcohol-fuelled reasons, with the post-pub takeaway accounting for £340 per year – that’s around 65 kebabs. Whilst taking a cab home is probably advisable after a heavy night, avoiding public transport adds £280 to the bill.

Nearly £200 a year is drunkenly withdrawn from the cash point and unaccounted for, although with £145 spent on loans to friends that are promptly written-off, perhaps it isn’t quite the mystery it seems. And £174 is spent on rounds of shots, which is probably the perfect way to forget that hasty withdrawal of funds.

People socialising in a nightclub

Post-bar spending includes drunkenly offering to pay for meals accounts for another £170 per year. Meanwhile a further £88 goes towards getting all of your mates into a nightclub. That’s a few months’ work to foot the bills…

The poll of 2000 young adults by also reveals, unsurprisingly, that a quarter has smashed their phone on a night out, a similar amount has ruined an expensive piece of clothing and over one in five lost a coat. Almost 20 per cent also lost jewellery whilst on the booze, whilst handbags and shoes have also gone AWOL. Perhaps a few unscrupulous people out there have been paying back their own debts via eBay

Vix Leyton for said “It’s not a shock that Brits make some questionable decisions when a drink has been taken, but those impulse rounds of shots and tipsy generosity, coupled with carelessness such as losing handbags and smashing phones can soon add up.

“Setting a budget and sticking to it can be tough, particularly in the face of temptation, but when you see how much Brits are wasting and how many wake up scared to look at their statement, it’s definitely worth trying.”

Vix also suggests that unfortunate revellers can still get cash back recycling a broken handset, no doubt via