Style your Home this Spring

Spring is in full bloom and along with it comes the chance to freshen up your décor. This spring it is all about pastel colours and floral accents. So freshen up your home with these ideas to create a vibrant, fresh space this season.

Floral Prints

Spring is synonymous with fresh flowers and great way to inspire your décor. Think floral patterned wallpaper, lavender themes, and humming bird print. You can also arrange your flowers to match your artwork, selecting pastel-coloured vases to compliment your space.

Make a Grand Entrance

A quick, instant way to liven up your living space is to paint your doorframe. Painting your doorframe a seasonal hue is a subtle way to make a change. Using a pastel shade is a low-key way to make a difference and give your home an instant, refreshing boost.

Add Pops of Colour

If you aren’t able to fully redecorate a room, you could try adding pops of geraniums to mudrooms and kitchens. This is a perfect way to spruce up the most mundane of spaces on a budget. It’s amazing how much a simple vase of colourful flowers can brighten up a room.

Bring your Holiday Home

If you aren’t interested in covering your home in floral prints, then why not try injecting some holiday fun? Think mint green hues teemed with black and white cushions. Raffia chairs bring that laid-back vibe from the beach into the home.

Colourful Floors

Finding a statement rug can bring an instant boost to your space with minimum effort. Painting floorboards can brighten up a cosy breakfast nook and show off those authentic hardwood floors!

Natural Entrances

If you are lucky enough to have a large entry way, then creating a garden-inspired arrangement to greet visitors is very inviting. Adding a floral motif can give a relaxed spring welcome, with lamps to soften in the surroundings in the evening.


If your time and budget stretches a little further, then landscaping your outside spaces is a fantastic option. Try experimenting with bougainvillea which channels spring inside and out.