Ten Days to Celebrate in July

International Joke Day – 1 July

Did you hear the one about International Joke Day? It’s no laughing matter…or maybe it should be as everyone is encouraged to save their best – or worst – for a day filled with mirth. Share the laughter before ending the day in the most appropriate manner; gather your friends and walk into a bar…

Independence From Meat Day – 4 July

It’s not just the yanks who get to celebrate independence on 4th July and even the most ardent carnivore should be able to go vegetarian for a day. With the vegan lifestyle now being embraced by more Brits than ever, there are hundreds of recipes and restaurants happy to cater for the meat-free customer. And if 24 hours is more than enough, then you can make up for it in a couple of days’ time…

Fried Chicken Day – 6 July

KFC fans rejoice (other fried chicken restaurants are available) – today is your day. The healthy option for meat-eaters should be cooked in the most calorific way before being consumed in guilt-free fashion – it’s clearly your duty to observe this tradition. Just bear in mind it’ll be the heart of summer, so you may end up sweating (bargain) buckets.

Cow Appreciation Day – 9 July

Time to raise a glass of milk to our udderly charming farmyard friends. This celebration was actually intended to encourage more chicken eating, so perhaps a grilled piece of poultry or another meat-free dinner to make up for your indulgence from four days’ previously? And definitely don’t choose steak.

French Fries Day – 13 July

July certainly seems to be a good month for the hungry, and for those who really struggled with meat-free day, here’s another chance to down more chips. Whether you like the stringy gallic-named variety or the more traditional English thick-cut style, it’s time to celebrate the potato’s most popular use. We’ll have mayonnaise on ours, please…

Moon Day – 20 July

The emphasis moves away from food in the latter half of July, which is probably a good thing as we’re feeling quite full now. Celebrating the day when Apollo 11’s Eagle lander touched down on the moon’s surface, you can either wonder at mankind’s giant step or wonder when we’ll be marking Mars Day.

Hammock Day – 22 July

BBQs and gardening is overrated; the best way to enjoy your own outdoor space is to string up a comfy bed between two trees. If that’s a little too technical, or you keep getting deposited head-first onto the lawn, then a hammock frame from a garden store should do the trick…or just use a sunbed. If you’re doing it right you’ll be too asleep to notice the difference.

Aunt and Uncle Day – 26 July

Mothers and Fathers get their own day, but what about single siblings or those who prefer not to have their daily routine disturbed by such inconveniences as school runs and having to take the children back from babysitters? Good news – you get to celebrate this July. Just maybe don’t expect a card or present, after all it’s not your style, is it?

Rain Day – 29 July

It’s fair to say that this is one day that no-one wants to go according to plan. With luck this year’s Rain Day will not be a washout and nobody will be showered with gifts. If, however, the gods deem this one worthy of commemoration, remember that rain keeps our world green, fresh and beautiful. It probably won’t stop drought warnings this summer, however…

Talk In An Elevator Day – last Friday of July

What better way to end the working month of July than to get rid of those awkward silences when you’re on your way to the office? Alternatively add some entertainment to the dreary ride to and from the car park to the shopping centre. Or make a new friend in your tower block. Remember; nothing too deep, unless the lift gets stuck, in which case it could be a long night…