Ten Days to Celebrate this June

Doughnut Day and Rocky Road Day – 1 & 2 June

Looking to lose weight for the summer? Well you best put that on hold for a couple of days, as June begins with two chances to celebrate these sugary – and calorific – delights. Doughnut Day is the first Friday in June, and by a stroke of luck – or not – it’s followed by Rocky Road Day. If such a thing as a rocky road doughnut exists, and we’re sure Krispy Kreme should have thought of this by now, then you could save a few pounds by indulging in a midnight snack to celebrate.

VCR Day – 7 June

Inspired by the vinyl revival? Fed up of those picture-perfect Blurays and the convenience of video-on-demand? It’s time to return to the flicker, snow-filled delights of VHS – and those ultra-rare Betamax – cassettes for a nostalgia-filled day. Will it be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ghostbusters, Top Gun or even The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? And where did I put that Scart cable?

World Gin Day and Iced Tea Day – 9 & 10 June

Will we have a hot or wet June this year? Best hope for the former, as the second weekend of the month should provide plenty of opportunities to cool down in the sun. The second Saturday of the month is World Gin Day, the perfect tonic (sorry!) for putting the week’s woes behind you. If that gives you a bit of a headache on Sunday, then you can detox with the health benefits of tea, in refreshing iced form.

International Picnic Day – 18 June

Despite falling on a Monday this year, you won’t necessarily need to take the day off work. Instead, why not grab a few colleagues, some sandwiches, cakes and a few bottles of soft drink and head to the local park? Assuming it’s a nice day, of course. If it is, then this has to beat a rushed-down BLT in front of the computer screen.

World Music Day – 21 June

For those of a certain age, Thursday was the day Top of the Pops filled our TV screens at 7.30pm. It still does on BBC4, broadcasting from an age when everything was inevitably better, at least until memories of Agadoo come flooding back. Alternatively, you can dig out some old LPs or, if talent allows, pick up an instrument and play to your heart’s content. Unless it’s a drum kit, in which case make sure you tell, or better still, invite the neighbours over first.

Take your Dog to Work Day – 22 June

This may take a little persuading, particularly if your chosen mutt looks a little intimidating to the uninitiated. Or if you work in a kitchen. If this doesn’t apply, then what makes everyone forget dull matters like productivity better than throwing a stick around the office and introducing a few choice barks to the call centre? Toilet training and introducing your pet to your colleagues’ pooches before venturing into the office is probably a good idea too.

Global Beatles Day – 25 June

All you need is love. And a copy of Sgt Pepper – or Abbey Road, Revolver and Rubber Soul. Then there are the films; Hard Days’ Night followed by Help and maybe a reappraisal of Magical Mystery Tour. Not forgetting the hundreds of documentaries, compilations, memorabilia, fan tours and rarities. OK, you need quite a lot of things to fully celebrate Global Beatles Day, but not enough to fill Eight Days a Week.

Social Media Day – 30 June

June ends with a very tricky prospect; how to mark Social Media Day by doing something special. It’s not as if posting a Facebook update, tweet or Instagraming your dinner is different to any other day, is it? So much so, that many celebrate this event by doing something that is almost anathema to social media; actually getting out and meeting up with people. Perish the thought…