The Best Cities in the UK to Own a Garden

A new study has revealed that Stoke-on-Trent is the most garden-friendly city in the UK – with 94.4% of homes having access to a private outdoor space.

However, while many addresses in the city boast access to outside space, the average garden size in Stoke-on-Trent was found to be 169 metres square - which ranks as the eighth smallest garden size in the UK.

Cleaning and maintenance company, Fantastic Services, revealed the findings after analysing data of private outdoor spaces in over fifty of the biggest areas of the UK to determine which addresses are most likely to offer a garden.

Sunderland ranked second with 94% of properties including private outdoor space – which included 66.9% of flats in the city – although Edinburgh offers the highest percentage of flats with access to a private garden at 79%.

In terms of garden size, Bournemouth ranked highest out of all UK cities, with residents owning an average of 307.4 metres square of outside space. However, only 88.5% of Bournemouth homes have access to a private garden, ranking the seaside destination 15th in the list of garden-friendly places to live.

Watford properties have the lowest percentage of garden space, with 77% of homes having a garden.  Only 44% of flats in Watford have access to a garden, making Watford the city with the lowest percentage of flats with a garden in the UK.

Dundee has the second-lowest percentage of properties with a garden with just 79% of residents having access to a private outdoor space.

Manchester took third place for the lowest percentage of addresses that have a garden in the UK. The city’s gardens are also smaller than most of the other areas analysed, ranking fourth with an average garden size of 143.1 metres square.

However, it is Portsmouth that has the lowest average garden size at just 115.9 metres square – making the gardens half the size of the average garden in Bournemouth.

A spokesperson for Fantastic Services said: “The past 18 months have shown us how having access to garden space can be incredibly beneficial in terms of wellbeing and mental health.

“For many people, a garden is an absolute must-have when they are searching for a property, and this study reveals which cities in the UK offer garden lovers the best opportunities to own their own space.”