The Hibernation Arms – A Pub for our Prickly Friends

Winter is here, and we’d all like to have the option of going into hibernation until the Spring, but the closest we can get is cosying up on the sofa with a box set, some nibbles and a beer.

Hells In Hibernation lager is a celebration of hibernation. It offers a winter twist to the Camden Town Brewery’s traditional Hells Lager. Brewed with Apollo and Chinook hops for a blend of pine crispness and citrus sharpness, it’s woodland overtones provide a form of human hibernation that is best experienced from a sofa, with the remote control in one hand, and a bottle of lager in the other.

The lager has taken its inspiration from woodland creatures, but some of these animals are finding it more difficult to hibernate as the weather turns colder. The kindly brewery has therefore partnered with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to help hedgehogs find a safe place for hibernation in their changing environments. Hedgehogs are often subjected to urban interruptions and changing temperatures in their natural habitats making it difficult to find safety for their winter sleep.

The caring folk who produce Hells In Hibernation lager have recognised their prickly friend’s plight and have donated a percentage of the proceeds of their lager to the charity, helping to make a hedgehog’s life a little happier!

This in itself is a generous gesture, but what makes this even more heart-warming is their creation of a miniature boozer named The Hibernation Arms which can be placed in your garden for the hogs to hibernate safely in the Winter and raise their baby hedgehogs in the Summer. Take it from us, there is nothing cuter than a baby hedgehog!

Fay Vass, chief executive of The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, said: “We are very grateful that Camden Town Brewery is showing support for hedgehogs with its fantastic Hells in Hibernation Lager.  Hedgehog populations have declined by half in rural areas and by a third in urban ones in the last 20 years so they need all the help they can get. The funds and awareness that this collaboration raises will help us, help hedgehogs.”

Grab your very own Hibernation Arms hedgehog pub from the Camden-based brewery’s website to support our spiky pals in need.