Toiletries Amnesty – Winter Comfort for the Homeless

Whilst rummaging in the bathroom cupboard the other day I began to think about all of the products that people buy, try, and don’t use, and what a waste that is. Some of these things we take for granted but they might be a really pleasant luxury for someone else.

I then went on to think about a ‘Toiletries Amnesty’ where people could, with no guilt, sort out their spares and share them with people who actually needed these things, and if if they didn’t need them, they would still appreciate them greatly.

With all this in mind I got in touch with Winter Comfort, knocked up a poster, and the ‘Toiletries Amnesty’ campaign was formed. Hoorah!

Winter Comfort is a charity in Cambridge that supports men and women who are homeless or vulnerably housed by offering them vital welfare service and opportunities for learning and development. They offer a place for people to get warm, get fed, and get washed, with basic amenities such as showers and laundry facilities.

What they do is invaluable. We could do a small something too, couldn’t we?

Have you got any unwanted toiletries knocking around? Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shower gel, hair products, soap, moisturiser, shaving products, perfume, aftershave… the list goes on! Could you spare some of them and hand them in to the Toiletries Amnesty? (No questions asked, we won’t judge you!) If you no longer need them, they would be most useful to people visiting Winter Comfort.

Please drop me an email at and I will get in touch with delivery/drop off addresses and further info. If you’d like me to email you a high res version of the poster to put up in your workplace or share via facebook/twitter etc, please let me know!

I’ll share photos, wherever I can, of what will hopefully be an excellent toiletries mountain for Winter Comfort! And, if I get injured by being trapped under said mountain, I promise not to complain too much!

I also promise I won’t disclose your information, or link your name with your donations, unless you tell me its okay to do so. If you are happy for your name to be added to a ‘list of lovely donors’ then please tell me, I’ll happily add website/blog links etc.

Thank you!