Top 10 Most Instagrammed Spring Flowers

The official start of spring is just weeks away, which means the days get longer and warmer whilst new life begins and flowers start to bloom. The blooming of such beautiful flowers across the country makes for a great Instagram photo opportunity. We’ve listed the most Instagrammed spring flowers, based on the number of times their names have been hashtagged. Which spring flowers should you snap to post to your feed?

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

1. Cherry Blossom

Number of hashtags: 9,200,000

Associated with Japanese culture Cherry blossom blooms in late March to early April so keep your eye out for a photo opportunity.

2. Tulips

Number of hashtags: 7,600,000

Holland is famous for its fields full of these brightly coloured flower. They come in almost every colour you could think of, from whites to oranges, making them a great flower to brighten up your Instagram feed.

3. Daisies

Number of hashtags: 6,000,000

For most people Clusters of Daisies scattered across their garden means spring is upon them. What better way, then with a photo of these small white flowers, to let your followers know it’s officially spring.

4. Peonies

Number of hashtags: 4,300,000

Know for its large white and pink coloured flowers that bloom in late spring, they are often used for floral arrangements. Their delicate petals and soft colours make for a great addition to your feed.

5. Magnolias

Number of hashtags: 3,200,000

These commonly pink flowers grown on trees and start to bloom around April right through to June. Perfect for that spring photo.

6. Daffodils

Number of hashtags: 1,700,000

Daffodils bloom in March and are traditionally a symbol of 10th wedding anniversaries. However their bright yellow or white colours and unique shape means that they are a symbol of spring.

7. Sweet Peas

Number of hashtags: 899,000

The Sweet Peas grown on flower farms are exclusive to England and come in a variety of different bright colours. These Classic English flowers make for a great Instagram post.

8. Bluebells

Number of hashtags: 829,000

Bluebells bloom within woods all across the country, meaning that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to spot some on your spring walks. The seas of purple make for a great Instagram for your feed, to sum up your day.

9. Carnations

Number of hashtags: 635,000

Depending on the colour, carnations traditionally have different meanings, such as white carnations symbolising good luck and dark red symbolising a deep love.

10. Pansies

Number of hashtags: 403,000

Something interesting about Pansies is that they are edible, supposedly having a minty taste. However, maybe it’s best to stick to taking photos of them rather than eating them.