Top Free Yoga Channels to Improve your Practice

No longer confined to the local hall or gym, yoga has become far more accessible thanks to the internet. YouTube has a huge library of online yoga classes that are created by yogis all over the world. Fitting in a quick ten minute nourishing yoga flow has never been easier thanks to the internet.

When you don’t have enough hours in the day to head to your local yoga class, get online and find a peaceful meditation or relaxing practice to reset and relax.

– Yoga with Adriene

The biggest name in online yoga, Yoga with Adriene, has a huge library of content to cover your every yogi need. There are plenty of beginner’s videos to get you started as well as 30-day series covering different aspects of yoga. Her Yoga for Beginners section has videos ranging from simple poses to more in-depth poses you are likely to need for future practices. Yoga with Adriene also features meditation and a whole host of other practices.

Yoga with Adriene

– Ekhart Yoga

The internationally renowned yoga teacher Esther Ekhart leads the majority of the videos on thisi channel. She is also joined by other yoga teachers to add more to her content offerings, which only serves to improve your yoga experience. Videos range from a few minutes in length to a full hour.

Visit her channel here

– FightMaster Yoga

FightMaster yoga aims to help those who have tried yoga, to deepen their practice. There are 30-day practices here too, as well as 30-minute yoga flows and more in-depth 45 minute practices. FightMaster also focuses on strengthening workouts.

FightMaster YouTube channel

– Kino Yoga

Kino has been practicing yoga for twenty years and is a yoga teacher who spreads her time between her YouTube channel, books, Miami Yoga Magazine, and her Miami Wellness Center. This channel provides everything for the budding yogi and helps to expand their posture knowledge.

Her channel is here

– Tara Stiles Yoga

This channel is more focused towards Starla yoga, with themed videos thrown in. All the videos are organised by sequence type, which make it easier for you to find the theme that you are interested in. Viewers can find videos focused on calmness, flexibility, and strength sequences. There are also food tips to inspire you to live a healthy life on and off the mat.

Find her channel here

– Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga

For something that really gets your heart rate going, try Los Angeles-based Ali Kamenova interval yoga. Ali has merged power and vinyasa yoga to create her unique style of practice. Her classes are designed for all levels and range from beginner to advance yogi. Viewers can be treated to the beautiful scenery in which to immerse yourself in your morning flow.

Ali Kamenova  Interval Yoga