Top Toys, Treats and Bedding Ideas for your Pet

It’s official – Brits are a nation of animal lovers, with 22% of households owning a canine companion and 18% welcoming a feline friend into their home.

While cats and dogs reign supreme as the nation’s favourite pets there is also around 3 million smaller furry animals including guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits in the UK.

These findings, reported by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association were revealed to mark National Pet Month, which takes place throughout April to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and promote the benefits of living with a pet.

To celebrate National Pet Month, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best bedding, toys and accessories you need to pamper your pet!


Give cats a purr-fact playtime

This Kong Burrow for cats is a crinkly tunnel that offers plentiful options for energetic felines, plus a place to cat-nap when playtime is over.  The tunnel also features a soft-toy butterfly that is ideal for pounce-and-play hunting and has a space-saving design allowing you to fold it away so it doesn’t take up floor space.

If your kitty is partial to overeating, this feline activity centre acts as a slow feeder to stop your pet from bolting their dinner too quickly. Place kibble inside the device and the maze and buttons will keep paws occupied for hours as they figure out how to reach their reward.

Credit: Jollyes

Keep your canine occupied

If you have a ‘chew-happy’ pup, there are a range of dog toys that will keep your pet entertained – and save your slippers from certain destruction.

For a dog that is always up for a game, this rubber tire and rope toy is durable enough to withstand play from active dogs for hours on end. The 20cm rope provides a natural way to help ‘floss’ your pet’s teeth and keep their gums in tip-top condition. It’s also great for teething puppies and will help them to develop healthy chewing habits.

If your pooch prefers a game of ‘fetch’ the Chuckit Zipflight is a durable frisbee-style toy that can help to channel your pet’s energy in an interactive play session.  It flies, glows — and even floats if you have a dog who loves to retrieve toys while swimming.

Credit: Pets at Home

Frolics for smaller furry friends

For a fun way to entertain guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas, treat them to this brightly coloured HayPigs Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel.  It’s designed to add a quirky touch to your pet’s home and helps to keep boredom at bay.  Active pets will enjoy running through the tunnel to activate the tilting mechanism, while sleepy small animals can use the barrel of the cannon as a quiet place for a snooze!

Another boredom beater for furry rodents is this Pets at Home Hide and Treat Maze, which is a real bargain at just £10 from the popular pet retailer’s online store. The hay-coated maze can be nibbled and chewed safely, while pets enjoy foraging for the pre-filled dried carrot and marigold flower treats.

Let sleeping dogs lie…

There are a few considerations when selecting the right bed for your faithful friend – does your pooch prefer to curl up in a ball, or are they happier when stretched out?

This high-sided oval pet bed is ideal for a dog who likes to curl up when they take a nap. It’s available in a range of sizes from small to extra-large, with prices ranging from £19.12 to £34.50. The linen bed, which is machine washable is currently available with 25% off the RRP.

For pooches who love to stretch out, a pillow-style sleeping place such as this deluxe grey bed, might be more practical and comfortable. This eco-friendly pet bed is includes an anti-bacterial duvet that keeps doggy smells at bay and is also water and stain-resistant.

Ideal for cat naps

We’ve seen some great memes of cats sleeping just about anywhere – including on their owner’s computer keyboards as they try to work from home —but if you invest in a cosy cat bed, they will have a comfortable place to call their own.

We think this Etsy Cat Couch is the perfect place for a pampered puss to rest their head. You can choose from a range of machine-washable coloured fleece blankets to complement the quirky bee fabric. Each bed is handmade to order – and is a real bargain at £39.99 plus postage and packaging.

If your moggy prefers to hide away, the Wainwrights Adventurer Cat Igloo Bed provides a safe and comfortable haven in which to snuggle.  It includes a machine washable cover with a fleecy interior and is suitable for all sizes of cats (or small dogs!)

Keep your pets protected and safe

As a nation of animal lovers, we like to ensure our companions are kept safe. We love this stylish bandana for dogs, with a clever Hi-Viz flash that helps to keep your pet visible at night. Choose from a red or blue 100% cotton bandana, with sizes to suit every breed of dog from Dachshunds to Great Danes.

One of the best things pet owners can do to keep their animals safe is to ensure they are microchipped. This involves a device the size of a grain of rice inserted into the neck of your pet. It’s considered a relatively pain-free procedure that records your pet’s unique identification number on a secure database.  If your pet goes astray and is subsequently found, they can be scanned, located and reunited safely with you. And it’s not just cats and dogs that can be chipped — Vets4Pets also offer a microchipping service for ferrets, birds and rabbits!

Another benefit of microchipping your pet is that you can purchase a microchip activated cat flap, which can be programmed to only allow your cat to enter your home. More than one pet’s details can be stored in the cat-flap’s memory, making it the perfect solution for a multi-cat household.