What to Do with Your Christmas Tree in January?

After the festivities are over for another year and you’ve recycled the wrapping paper and all those extra bottles please don’t forget your Christmas tree!

Of course if you’ve bought a real tree with a good root system intact why not plant it in your garden for use in future years celebrations (you can always trim the top if it outgrows the room!)

Recycling your Christmas tree

Simply remove all the decorations and tinsel from the tree, remove it from the pot or stand and take it  to a collection point.  This is usually the boundary of your property or a designated communal point.

You may receive a leaflet from your council, find an information sticker on your bin or see an advert in your local paper detailing when the ‘special collection’ will take place. If you don’t come across any of these, contact your council and ask if they are collecting them in your area. http://www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling

Trees are usually shredded into chippings which are then used as compost or spread over local parks or woodland areas.

If you have an artificial tree you are unable to recycle it. However, if in good condition, keep it for next year or if you fancy a change you could ask friends and family if they want it, advertise it on an exchange website or donate it to charity.