LoT Fantasy F1 2017 Competition:

It’s back, the 2017 F1 season is now only two weeks away. The cars are faster and sexier this year, which hopefully will lead to more exciting racing. Whatever the outcome, you can supplement any excitement added, or missing, from the actual race by joining our annual LoT F1 Competition.

You do not need to be an F1 mega fan to join and have a chance of winning, and there is nothing more for you to do for the rest of the season once you have submitted your team. It’s easy to play, just select your drivers and constructors from the pools provided, a ‘most improved’ driver, a ‘joker’ round (which will score double points) and a Lotus Cup Europe driver. Send in your team entry, and that’s it. Entry is free and there is nothing else for you to do for the rest of the year – no driver / team changes will be permitted past the closing date of Monday 22nd March for round 1, you may enter until 4th April – note: one F1 score can be dropped out of the 20 rounds – so even if you enter after the 1st round you still have a chance to win.

For those of you that have entered this competition before, the format and rules are identical to 2015 with two slight amendments:
Classified finishers additionally score points on places gained from their qualifying place, or have points deducted if they finish lower than their qualifying place.
LCE driver: New for 2017 to add a Lotus element you will score all of the points earned by your selected Lotus Cup Europe driver for the 16 LCE races. (We’ve only included drivers who have fully entered the season by 12/3)

The prizes:

Main prize – £300 Lotus on Track Voucher or £250 of Valet Pro Car Care products or 6 bottles of Lanson Black Label Champagne.

Round prizes – prizes will also be awarded for each of the 20 events to the person scoring the highest score for each. In addition each entrant can only win 1 round prize which ensures a much higher chance of winning.

Upcoming round prizes

Highest round score for the first 5 F1 rounds – 3 products from Elise Shop/Valet POR (Poseidon car wash, bilberry wheel cleaner, mad wax) OR a choice of a £20/20€ LoT voucher:


How points are scored:

Drivers–position: each driver will be awarded points dependent on their finishing position-1st: 10pts, 2nd: 8pts, 3rd: 6pts,4th: 5pts, 5th: 4pts, 6th: 3pts, 7th: 2pts, 8th: 1pt.

Drivers – race improvement: for each driver classified as a finisher, 1 point added for every place made up from qualifying to final result, or 1 point deducted for every place lost from qualifying to final result.
Constructors – position & race improvement: each constructor will be awarded points in the same way as the drivers for each car classified as a finisher.
Drivers & Constructors – pole position: 5 points will be awarded to the driver and constructor for a pole position.
Drivers & Constructors – fastest lap: 5 points will be awarded to the driver and constructor for the fastest official lap during the race.
Drivers & Constructors – finish: 5 points will be awarded for each driver being classified as a finisher and for each car for a constructor being classified as a finisher.
Best race improvement: 1 point for every place made up from qualifying to final result, if you have chosen the driver who makes up the most places at that round. In event of a tie the driver starting furthest back on the grid wins.
Joker round: All points you score at this race will be doubled.
LCE Driver: All points earned for the selected LCE Driver for all 16 races of the LCE season. We won’t be dropping the dropped scores – so all points will added to your score.


How to play:

– Choose 1 driver from each pool A, B and C below (only 1 driver from a particular constructor*)
– Choose 1 constructor from each pool E and F below (ensure you have not chosen a driver fromeither of these constructors*)
– Choose the driver you think most likely to make up the most places from the grid to the final race result
–i.e. start 15th place but finishes 9th = 6 places made up. You may choose ANY driver, and this selection applies at all rounds. Only the driver gaining the most places at each round will score points. In event of a tie the driver starting furthest back on the gridwins.
– Choose the race you would like as your ‘joker’ where ALL points scored at that race count double. The first round in Australia will not be available as a joker.
– Choose one Lotus Cup Europe driver from the list below where you will additionally score all of their points earned through all 16 races of the LCE season.
* You may only select one driver from a constructor. You cannot select a constructor if you have already chosen a driver from that constructor. I.E. If you choose ‘Hamilton’, you cannot choose ‘Mercedes’ as a constructor and vice-versa.


The pools:

F1 Drivers:

Pool A Pool B Pool C
Bottas – Mercedes Ocon – Force India Kvyat – Torro Rosso
Hamilton – Mercedes Perez – Force India Sainz – Torro Rosso
Ricciardo – Red Bull Massa – Williams Grosjean – Haas
Verstappen – Red Bull Stroll – Williams Magnussen – Haas
Raikkonen – Ferrari Alonso – McLaren Hulkenburg – Renault
Vettel – Ferrari Vandoorne – McLaren Palmer – Renault
Ericsson – Sauber
Wehrlein – Sauber

F1 Constructors

Pool E Pool F
Mercedes McLaren
Red Bull Torro Rosso
Ferrari Haas
Force India Renault
Williams Sauber

‘Joker’ F1 Rounds & LCE Drivers

F1 ‘Joker’ Rounds LCE Drivers
02 – CHINA (Shanghai) Ian FENWICK – 2 Eleven
03 – BAHRAIN (Sakhir) Anthony FOURNIER – 2 Eleven
04 – RUSSIA (Sochi) Jean-Pierre GENOUD-PRACHEX – 2 Eleven
05 – SPAIN (Catalunya) Nathalie GENOUD-PRACHEX – 2 Eleven
06 – MONACO (Monte Carlo) Chris & Franck LAROCHE – 2 Eleven
07 – CANADA (Montreal) Christophe LISANDRE – 2 Eleven
08 – AZERBAIJAN (Baku) Benoit ROGER – 2 Eleven
09 – AUSTRIA (Red Bull Ring) Neil STOTHERT – 2 Eleven
10 – GREAT BRITAIN (Silverstone) Dave CARR – Open: Elise S2 S
11 – HUNGARY (Budapest) David HARVEY – Open: 340R
12 – BELGIUM (Francorchamp) Sharon SCOLARI – Open: Elise Cup PB-R
13 – ITALY (Monza) Eric VAN’T OEVER – Open: Exige S2
14 – SINGAPORE (Singapore) Cai CEDERHOLM – Production: Elise S3
15 – MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpar) Thierry HEDOIN – Production: Elise S1
16 – JAPAN (Suzaka) Chris MAYHEW – Production: Elise S2
17 – USA (Austin) Jason MCINULTY – Production: Elise Cup R
18 – MEXICO (Mexico City) Paul PATTISON – Production: Elise S1
19 – BRAZIL (Sao Paulo) Sven PETTERSSON – Production: Elise Cup R
20 – ABU DHABI (Yas Marina) Philippe VANPEVENAEYGE – Production: Elise Cup R
Kees VERSLUYS – Production: Elise S3
Mark YATES – Production: Elise S1
Bence BALOGH – V6: Evora GT4
Dominique BUSTIN – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Stéphane CRISTINELLI – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Tommie ELIASSON – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Xavier GEORGES – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Philippe LOUP – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
David MCINULTY – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Robin NILSSON – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Daniel PALMA – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
John RASSE – V6: ExigeV6 Cup R
Janos SANTA – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Thierry VERHIEST – V6: Exige V6 Cup R
Steve WILLIAMS – V6: Evora GT4
Andrew WRIGHT – V6: Exige V6 Cup R

Team changes:

There will not be an option to change drivers or constructors during the season–this makes it easier for everyone.



  • Only one valid entry per person. If multiple entries are received the first valid entry will be used and others discarded.
  • Valid entries will be accepted in received order. Should any entry be a complete duplicate of an already received entry, then that entrant will be asked to select an alternative. Each entrant’s overall pool / most improved / joker round / LCE driver selections must be unique.
  • Results for scoring F1 points will be as per the official FIA confirmed results and classifications – https://www.formula1.com/en/results.html/2017/races.html. If a driver or constructor is later penalised by a points reduction, or drivers gain points after a round, these changes will be applied retrospectively and incorporated into the overall scores.
  • If an F1driver is replaced during the season you will be allocated the replacement driver and collect their subsequent points.
  • Results for scoring LCE driver points will be as per the official LCE confirmed results and classifications – http://www.lotuscupeurope.com/standings. If a driver is later penalised by a points reduction, or drivers gain points after a round, these changes will be applied retrospectively and incorporated into the overall scores.
  • Entries close on Monday 22nd March 2017 for round 1.
  • One lowest score from the F1 races can be dropped from the final score. To be clear 15 highest scores will be used.
  • I am only human, and scoring errors may occur. All scoring disputes can be raised up until 13:00 of the Friday following any F1 round, and any corrections required will be applied. Past this point, the scores applied are final and may only be amended following an outstanding FIA decision to amend the race results.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the winners scores will be evaluated and the final positions decided in the following chronological order:
    – Round scores compared, and the most rounds ‘won’ between the winners determining position, then…
    – Comparison of LCE driver scores, highest LCE driver score between the winners determining position, then…
    – Comparison of joker round scores, highest ‘joker’ round score between the winners determining position, then…
    – Comparison of total ‘best race improvement’ driver scores awarded, highest total ‘best race improvement’ score between the winners determining position, then…
    – The toss of a coin.
  • No alternative prizes will be offered. The Judge’s decision (Clive) is final. We hold the right to amend, cancel or offer alternative prizes at any point.


Submitting Your Team

When submitting your team, please send in the following format, obviously with your name, team name, drivers, constructors, joker round and LCE driver filled in.

Your Name:
Team Name:
Pool A (Driver):
Pool B (Driver):
Pool C (Driver):
Pool E (Constructor):
Pool F (Constructor):
‘Most Improved’ Driver:
‘Joker’ Round:
LCE Driver:

Alternatively, if you have Microsoft Excel, you can use this template which will aid you in your team selection as ‘invalid’ selections will disappear as you work through it, and a completed version of this template can be sent instead.
Please note that your drivers (excluding ‘best improved’) cannot be from the constructors that you select–i.e. you cannot select ‘Hamilton’ as a driver and ‘Mercedes’ as a constructor, and vice-versa. All overall team selections must be valid, unique, and will apply on a first-come-first-served basis. If you request a duplicate or invalid team, you will be asked to supply an alternative.
Please send your team entry to clive.willis@chaucerplc.com.


And Finally…

I will attempt to publish your scores for each round and overall scores / positions on the Monday or Tuesday following each F1 race, holidays / bank holidays permitting. Any LCE rounds completed between F1 races will also have been applied to your LCE drivers, and consequently to your overall scores.
If you want to keep track of the 2017 team car launches and testing prior to the entry deadline, then go to https://www.formula1.com/.
The very best of luck to you all.

Clive Willis (volunteering to run this year as Paul is flat out and useless at the moment:))