Go On – Spend It!

Time is running out and you can’t take it with you. Yes, we are talking about those old paper fivers, for they are due to go out of circulation in a matter of weeks now. With effect from Friday, 5 May you will no longer be able to spend them in the shops and it is even possible that some banks and building societies will not accept them after that date.

According to the Bank of England, even though more than 50% of the old fivers have already been taken in there is still something like 160 million in circulation, so now is the time to start digging out that crumpled fiver from the bottom of your wallet or purse, or retrieving them from that jar of cash you keep for emergencies.

There’s an easy way to remember the cut-off date – you must spend that fiver before the fifth day of the fifth month. Or you could beat the rush and treat yourself to a nice Easter Egg this weekend!