Mobile Companies Scramble to Scrap Roaming Charges

With new European Union rules disallowing roaming charges coming into effect on 15 June, mobile phone companies are busy announcing revised conditions for both personal and business customers. Indeed some companies are also scrapping the charges for mobile use in countries beyond the EU remit, with up to 47 countries involved.

EE, Three and Vodafone led the way, now O2 has confirmed that customers will in addition be able to use their UK plan – providing they have the right one – in non-EU destinations such as Iceland, Switzerland and Monaco. They will also be able to make calls and send texts with no additional charges to other countries within the zone.

Brexit is being blamed for many things and some fear that mobile companies will re-introduce the charges once the UK is no longer under Brussels control, but that is not really likely, even though scrapping the charges will hit the companies in the pocket. Instead they are becoming creative and coming up with new high-end packages that will enable customers to use their ‘phones in more far-flung destinations without incurring roaming charges.