Sealed with a Sniff: US Postal Service issues Aromatic Stamps

The US Postal Service has announced its first scratch-and-sniff stamps, adding an extra dimension to friendly correspondence, from cards and invitations to the increasingly-rare art of letter-writing.

Frozen Treats Forever stamps

The Frozen Treats Forever stamps have been launched in time for the summer with a seasonally-themed design based on ice lollipops. Illustrations of the colourful confections are complemented by a range of sweet aromas to be enjoyed by both sender and recipient.

Whilst there are no current plans by Royal Mail to imitate this innovation, the ice lolly is a staple of the British summer, and the fruity scent of a FAB or Callipo could be complemented by the rich chocolate fragrance of a Magnum.

Other smells associated with summertime in the UK include the familiar scent of freshly-cut grass, barbequed meat or a pitcher of Pimm’s. The countryside aroma of newly-laid manure is perhaps one best left forgotten, however…

Back to the US stamps, which we hope will begin a worldwide trend, the 10 designs showcase the work of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, California, depicting whimsical watercolour illustrations and each features two different treats. The words “FOREVER” and “USA” appear along the bottom of each stamp.

Art director Antonio Alcalá of Alexandria, Virginia, designed the stamps with Leslie Badani, also of Alexandria.

U.S. Postal Service Vice President of Finance and Planning, Luke Grossmann said: “The Frozen Treats stamps offer the latest innovation in stamp design, which means you can add the sweet scent of summer to your cards and letters. It’s a fun way to enjoy the stamps, but it’s even more fun to share the experience with your friends and family.”