The pound in your pocket…

…could be worth more than you thought. Before you hastily get rid of your current £1 coins ahead of the launch of the new 12-sided coin in March it is worth checking to see if they are worth rather more than face value to a collector.

Since introduction in 1983 some 2.2 billion examples of the £1 coin have been minted, but they are not all the same. During that time 24 different designs have been produced in varying quantities and examples of the more unusual versions are already changing hands for rather more than £1. Some of the rarest are expected to eventually change hands for anything up to £50, although currently around £15 is more typical, so don’t be too hasty.

What should you look for? Well, according to of the 24 designs rarest of all is the Scottish Edinburgh City coin produced in 2011. That’s followed by the Welsh Cardiff City example from the same year and the English London City coin from 2010. If you’ve only got the UK Royal Arms Shield produced from 2008-15 or the UK Royal Coat of Arms made bin 2015, you might as well spend them now!

The website has highlighted the coins that were produced in the lowest numbers. It says that as collectors hurry to complete their sets, you could find an enthusiastic buyer if you have one of the less common coins.

The full list is:

1. Scotland: Edinburgh City, minted 2011

2. Wales: Cardiff City, minted 2011

3. England: London City, minted in 2010

4. Scotland: Bluebell and Thistle, minted in 2014

5. UK: Crowned Shield, minted in 1988

6. UK: Rose and Oak, minted in 2013

7. NI: Flax and Shamrock, minted in 2014

8. Wales: Daffodil and Leek, minted in 2013

9. NI: Belfast City, minted in 2010

The following coins become much more common:

10. Scotland: Lion Rampant, minted in 1994

11. England: Millennium Bridge, minted in 2007

12. NI: Flax, minted in 1986 and 1991

13. NI: Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge, minted in 2006

14. England: Oak Tree, minted in 1987 and 1992

15. Scotland: Forth Railway Bridge, minted in 2004

16. Wales: Dragon Passant, minted in 1995 and 2000

17. Wales: Menai Bridge, minted in 2005

18. NI: Celtic Cross, minted in 1996 and 2001

19. UK: Royal Arms, minted in 1983, 1993, 2003 and 2008

20. Scotland: Thistle, minted in 1984 and 1989