A Survey Says…

We usually groan when we see a story that starts with those words, but here’s one that any parent of a teenager will be encouraged to hear – providing they live in Britain that is. Ford of Europe has instigated a survey to find-out about the attitudes of young drivers whilst at the wheel of their parents’ car versus their own and surprise, surprise, the British have come out best for showing good behaviour when driving the family car.

Young Brits made up 20% of the 5,000 drivers interviewed in the study of 17-24 year-olds, and whilst they may have out-scored other nationalities there is really no room for complacency in the push for improved road safety. Whilst 24% admit to texting at the wheel of their own vehicle, 8% say they also do in their parents car. Similarly, 22% say they have driven their own car whilst hungover, dropping to 5% in the family car. Some 37% have knowingly broken the speed limit in their own car and 14% have done so in their parents car.

With 82% of young drivers Europe-wide driving the family car at some point, 35% of them without permission and 27% saying they have used smartphones to make calls, send messages or even take selfies, Ford says it all adds up to a need for dedicated driver training in Europe, where car crashes are a leading cause of death for young drivers.