Book your MOT Early as Demand Increases at Garages

Motorists should consider booking an early MOT test over the next four months, to ensure certificates don’t expire without being renewed.

There is expected to be a huge surge in expired certificates—and a rush to get cars booked in for MOT testing—as a result of the government’s MOT extension policy.

Earlier this year the UK government extended 9.2 million MOT certificates for vehicles in the UK.  The measures were part of an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus during the lockdown period.

The extension meant that millions of drivers whose MOT was due between March 31 and July 31 received a six-month extension of the certificate to avoid them travelling to garages during lockdown.

Now the extension period is over, those MOT certificates are now due, or will soon be due, for renewal, causing a surge in demand at garages. Data from vehicle repair website Who Can Fix My shows that expiring MOTs between October 2020 and January 2021 are now 41% higher than normal.

That means garages will need to accommodate 3.6m additional MOT tests in this period, which could have an impact on test availability.

Any MOTs due for renewal after the extension ended on July 31 should be booked for a test as normal, but the backlog will impact regular MOT tests as well as those vehicles which qualified for the extension.

To avoid an expired MOT certificate, the best advice is to try to book an early test. It’s possible to book a test and obtain a new certificate up to 29 days before the current one expires.

But while booking early could help to ensure your MOT is completed in time, Brits might need to look beyond their regular garage because of high demand.  If you are struggling to find a test centre, research trusted local garages online and gather some quotes before booking a test.

Beginning the process earlier than usual will help to ensure you can get your MOT renewed without the stress of an expired certificate.