Brits Dream of Owning a Sporty Black Aston Martin or Audi

A study of 2,000 motorists has revealed that the car Brits would most like to own is a black sports car – preferably an Aston Martin or an Audi.

But it seems that the majority of drivers will have to wait until they are 47 years old before they have a chance of owning their dream car. Most UK drivers opt for more affordable or practical alternatives in the meantime.

Motorists in their twenties are most likely to own a saloon or supermini style car, trading it in for an estate or hatchback when they reach their thirties.

Forty-somethings are most likely to opt for a people carrier or an SUV – possibly in line to meet the growing needs of family life.

However, there are some little luxuries that drivers of all age groups agreed on, such as heated seats (43%) and a built-in satellite navigation system (44%).

Technology is a key requirement for the ideal car with anti-theft systems (37 per cent), and self-parking (29 per cent) named as desirable components.

The study also found that UK motorists are a realistic bunch—admitting that owning their ideal car is very unlikely, as only one in six now own their dream vehicle.

Over half of those surveyed don’t believe they’ll ever own their perfect car and 54% say they could only see this happening if they were to win the lottery. 23 per cent of drivers confessed to browsing online for Supercar prices—just in case their lottery numbers come up.

Neil You, general manager at YesAuto UK, which commissioned the survey, said: “Daydreaming about the cars we’d like to own one day is something British drivers love to do.

“Opportunities for car owners are expanding, we have features on the site such as our Virtual Showroom which means exploring those dream vehicles has never been easier.

Almost a quarter of respondents to the survey said they would consider leasing a car if it meant they could drive their dream motor.

Neil You concluded: “We know buying a car can be a significant investment, so we have recently broadened our services to offer car leasing for people who want a new vehicle without the commitment of actually having to purchase it outright.

“This flexibility gives drivers the opportunity to make their dream car purchase an actual reality.”