Car Show: Rollhard X Bicester Heritage 2019

I’ve always been more in to race cars over show cars, but I still don’t know how I’d not heard of RollHard.

Branded as the all makes, all models, one community’ event, and celebrating all kinds of custom and enhanced vehicles, RollHard was founded almost 10 years ago when a group of lads who loved cars got together and decided to make something happen.

I’d come across RollHard whilst perusing Larry Chen’s Instagram feed (if you like cars and photography, you’ll want to follow him too) I saw that he was heading to the UK event in August, in a borrowed Rolls Royce Black Badge Dawn, and I thought this seemed like a very good idea and I should do the same, except I turned up in a £150 Golf.

The sun was shining, paintwork glinted.

So many beautiful cars, so many men squatting around the place trying to get that low to the tarmac stanced shot.

The smell of polish and hot pork wafted.

Ice creams, food trucks, aircraft hangars and cars for miles.

I’m probably more used to gaffa tape than I am polished perfection, but I do like the details.

The little things that have been really thought about – original cut keys, the stickers, steering wheels, upholstery and custom additions. Not to mention the spacious engine bays, gleaming turbos and air suspension.

So many cars that I’d like to own, or at least drive, but one that became my favourite, probably swung by the Harris tweed interior.

This little beauty – a 1980 Mk1 Golf GLS in custom paint (based on the original Canyon Red) looking super slick with bronze tinted glass, tweed Porsche 914 seats, widened arches and custom wheels. Just look at that gear knob! The engine has been swapped for a tweaked turbo diesel and boasts 190bhp, which on such a light little car must be pretty joyful to drive!

Alex, the cars parent, (who is also co-founder of The Drivers Collection) bought it as a complete wreck and over the space of 3 years has spent 3500 hours on creating his ultimate Mk1 Golf. It’s an absolute beauty, an obvious labour of love, and has already won around 25 awards since it debuted on the scene just over a year ago.

If you’re in the north of the UK check out Steel City Classics in Sheffield on 08 September if you want to see this Mk1 Golf and other pre-1995 classic cars on show.

Thank you team RollHard for a super day. Please can I show my car next year?

I was a guest of RollHard. I did all my own wishing and pointing  at cars, and as always, my opinions are my own.