How to avoid falling foul of mobile phone laws

With increased enforcement of mobile phone use whilst driving and accident statistics backing this up, there really is no excuse to drive one-handed. Whilst motorists are recommended to ignore the phone altogether whilst driving, here are some ways in which to stay on the right side of the law.

Choose a car with hands-free

Most new cars now come with Bluetooth hands-free kits, so make sure your next car has one. It’s the most trouble-free way to stay connected – simply switch on Bluetooth on your phone and follow instructions in the car’s manual.

Bluetooth stereo

If you car’s stereo can be upgraded, then choose a model with Bluetooth. Most will also stream music from the phone too, just make sure that the stereo offers hands-free calls and not just streaming via Bluetooth.

Sat Nav with hands-free

If your car doesn’t have built-in Sat Nav, then choose a model with Bluetooth hands-free. Some don’t have very loud speakers, however, so investigate whether you can connect this to your stereo or you’ll be turning down the volume every time the phone rings.

Bluetooth headset

You’ll look like a Bond villain, or worse, a travelling salesman, but this is the cheapest way to handle calls hands-free. You’ll also need a phone-mount for the car as operating a phone that’s not fixed to the car isn’t legal, but if you don’t have in-car Sat Nav then download a navigation app and you’ve doubled this solution’s effectiveness. Just make sure the phone volume isn’t too loud as to drown out everything else that’s going on around you.