How to avoid the MOT blues

MOT time is often dreaded by many car owners, fearing a large bill at a critical time, even if they’ve attempted to budget for the worst. Thankfully SAGA has put together a useful list of six tips to reduce those stress levels.

Check your car’s MOT history

Even if you can’t find the paperwork you can do this online here:  – check for any advisories from the last test. If they haven’t been rectified, chances are they’ll need to this time around.

Look out for the most common MOT failures

Many of the most common faults that result in an MOT failure can be checked easily and rectified in time. One-in-five cars fail because of a faulty light, whilst 7% don’t pass thanks to bald or poorly-inflated tyres, and the same amount accounted for damaged windscreens.

Pre-MOT check

Many garages offer this service and whilst it’s an extra fee, it could save a lot more later. If your car is due a service, get this carried out first.

Book ahead of time

You can book an MOT test for up to one month before it runs out. This means that you’ll have a month to rectify any failures, and if it passes, you’ll have an MOT that will last for 13 months.

Be wary of cut-price offers

A discounted MOT could come with unnecessary repairs – for every honest garage looking to attract new customers, there will also be a few unscrupulous operators. If you are called up about a repair during the MOT, ask them to provide full details, better still, use a garage you trust.

Council test stations

Almost all local councils have their own MOT testing centre for their own fleet, and as part of their certification they must offer MOT tests to the public. If you’re stuck for an MOT station, then there’s a fair chance that they won’t be failing your car in the hope of gaining profitable repair work.