Nearly a Fifth of Parking Space is Wasted on UK Roads, New Figures Show

Study finds 38 per cent of drivers take extra room to stop another car parking next to them.

Almost a fifth of available parking space is wasted in the UK by selfish drivers, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by insurance firm Direct Line, claims auto-parking technology could see 17 per cent more space made available across the country without the need for council investment — with that figure rising to 20 per cent in London and Birmingham.

A survey of 2,003 drivers found that 73 per cent deliberately leave space behind their car to manoeuvre.

Furthermore, 38 per cent admitted to taking up extra spots to prevent other vehicles parking next to them.

As a result, less parking space is made available for other drivers — with 16 per cent claiming they have been unable to move their car in the past year because of being blocked in by another vehicle.

A widespread lack of confidence in parking among motorists is also suggested by the survey — a fifth admitted to asking a friend or family member to complete a manoeuvre for them.

Nick Reid, head of automotive technology at Direct Line car insurance, said: “Parking is one of the most stressful aspects of driving and even seasoned motorists can struggle with parallel parking.

“The expansion of new parking technologies, such as Park Assist, should not only reassure stressed motorists but also vitally help ease parking congestion without the need for councils to invest in extra parking spaces.”