Thought the War Against the Motorist Was Over? Not Yet It Isn’t!

Today’s the day draconian new penalties come into force for drivers trapped exceeding the speed limit on Britain’s roads, with those caught well beyond the limit being hit especially hard in the pocket.

With effect from today (24 April) speeding offences will fall into one of three bands. Band A will be for those just over the limit – for example driving at 21-30mph in a 20mph zone, 31-40mph in a 30 limit, or between 71-90mph on a 70mph-limited road – but even so you could be hit with a fine of around 50% of your weekly income and get three points on your licence.

Next up, Band B covers speeds of 31-40mph in a 20 limit, or up to 100mph on a motorway, for example. For that little indiscretion you can expect to be fined the equivalent of your weekly income and get 4-6 points. And oh yes, for good measure they’ll relieve you of your driving licence for 1-4 weeks.

Band C is for the really bad boys and girls – done for doing more than 40 in a 20? Or in excess of 100 in a 70 limit? You can expect to be fined 150% of your weekly income, pick up 6 points and lose your licence for anything between 1-8 weeks!

As with most things of course, fines can fluctuate. If you can prove you were speeding because of something like a medical emergency, it might work in your favour (a bit!). Previous convictions – or lack of – will be taken into account. That could push the fine up or down of course. You might even be offered a speed awareness course instead, in lieu of the fine and points, but you will still have to pay a fee for the privilege of being brainwashed. Oh, and the chances are your insurance company will still want to know, as they can use it as an opportunity to push your premium up.

The simple answer is to keep ‘em peeled, as speed cameras are only set to proliferate, particularly the increasing use of average speed cameras.